Should I Take the Safe Job or Do What I Love?


So now I'm part time due to the economy however I think this is the greatest gift of a my background is in video production and development. Here is a situation my best friend adviser setting me up with the job that I don't really want. It's focused on graphic design number crunching and sitting behind minded desk for around thirty five thousand year awesome for just being out of college and Patrick Rights however my passion is in the entertainment industry. I really WANNA find work in Hollywood alleyways or even here at home in Chicago working behind the scenes with media and video. Do I take the job that will provide comfort and pay the bills or should I pursue my odd dream job. Even though I'll start at the bottom I'll be able to use my entrepreneurial skills to work my way up little sidebar. My friend is saying that I will be throwing away a big relationship opportunity with him and this company by turning down the job because it will greatly expand my capabilities tendencies however are to actually work in something really. WanNa do you do I pursue my dreams and sacrifice and hospital relationships or the close front Patrick Awesome Freakin question and I have a very very strong opinion. You're Patrick what I say. Now run to your freaking dream job. Now go for it. Yes yes yes yes. Yes and I think your friend is. Maybe talk your friend but we'll talk about him. In a minute here is the deal Patrick's. Now is your time now. Of course I think you should pursue your passion at any age but the truth is the a younger you start the easier. It can be so you say just add college which means you're likely in your early twenties. This is the thing this probably only time in your life brother that you're not. GonNa have big financial obligations like mortgage or a family to take care of so you need to run. Do Not Walk to your dream job do it now. I also want to mention three things in your question that caught my attention that rhymed. I you say ore. Should I pursue my dream job. Where even though all start at the bottom demanding I'll be able to use my entrepreneurial skills to work my way up the salary they are offering. You is thirty five thousand a year. I got news for you man that he started out the bottom line is is that it really is an entry level salary salaries you might as well start at the bottom and feel that you really want to work in rather than push papers and number crunching just because you're a friend. Slash advisor wants you to do it when you're young long. Hungary and willing to produce results consistently. That's a key word. You're really gonNA work your way up to big opportunities fast. Here's the problem I run into with a lot of people. That are your age. They're inconsistent. They may be super talented than great at what they do and driven but they're not producing results consistently there either to focused don partying or they have personal drama and it really gets in the way of their professionalism and of moving up in their field don't do that once you get your foot in the door a star from the GECKO and here's what that means show up on time be proactive be professional. You want to treat the person's business whoever you're working for like it's your business awesome. Tell you do that. The Sky is going to be the limit second. Thing I want to mention is I'm a little suspect of your best friend or adviser as you call them. You only WanNa work work with someone who has your best interest in mind. Here's the thing with a real friend. You are never gonNA lose out on some big relationship opportunity. Why because all they're going to want is the best for you. What's in your best interest. What you want in your heart. They're going to be happy for you even if it doesn't serve them now the final thing I want to highlight highlight which is the most important is this. You said my tendency however actually work in something that I really want to do. There's an old saying and it goes like like this and here's people rarely succeed at anything unless they they have fun doing it bottom line Patrick. If you enjoy media and video production do it for life and get paid for it. Go follow your dream but now trust me when I say it is possible to get paid for doing what you love. You'll never regret doing what your heart tells you to do. That's all I got for you Patrick. I hope you enjoy it this way to your now. If you've got insight to share about going for your dreams I want to hear about it in the comments

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