Justify trainer disputes report on failed drug test


Next to the triple crown drug scandal involving the force justify trainer tonight denying it the New York Times reporting that justify failed a drug test but was allowed to compete at the Kentucky Derby weeks later. Here's ABC's chief national correspondent backed up into that is the racehorse justified bolting through the mud increase to the winter circle back justified soon. Take the two thousand eighteen triple crown one of only thirteen thirteen horses in history but no one knew is that weeks before the Kentucky Derby justify tested positive for a banned substance scopolamine at a qualifying race at the Santa Anita Race Track The New York Times claims California regulators slow walk the investigation for months if they would have enforced rules that were on the books at the time he would have been disqualified. The time says the positive results came in April justified with soul to a breeder for a reported sixty million dollars in May and won the Belmont stakes in June but it wasn't until August that the California Racing Board convened on the matter according to the Times ruling justify wasn't doped but may have eaten contaminated food the California Horse Racing Board says it takes seriously the integrity of horse racing and justifies trainer unequivocally rejects any implication of doping

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