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Hillary Clinton, China And New York Times discussed on No Agenda



I don't know if different jumping ahead or not but china has some real economic financial issues issues. I was reading in the new york times. There's approximately two hundred billion dollars of i._o._u. Circling in the system and they actually are piece of paper with i o u on it and now that's become tradeable by itself so trading these i owe us at a lower price than face value based upon them thinking in a the company can pay that debt or not <hes> we had a deflation of the currency which is a <hes> an interesting move. It's it's a movie you know certain point need to make if you have problems in the in the economy and this has been such a huge overproduction and there's warehouses full of crap that that we don't want to buy the go cities. Even chinese middle class can't afford it right now. People are being laid off left and right. This may be an additional pressure tactic by us and and i just want to add one more thing we laughed about clinton hillary clinton's techno experts in the state department. I'm pretty sure when it comes to bots and trolls. We're doing most of the work here in america course. We're number one always foam finger number one so next time someone talks about russian bots who are you kidding is a state-sponsored battery and it's us we're good so what do you think about that part of it because china could really roll into a recession shen if they're not already in one further into a depression they're really good at at at the number lying lying it really good at lying and they've done a pretty good job of supporting their economy with a technique by think it's quite i i because of the lack of news coverage to not draw attention to this especially with the american public and europe yeah that makes me suspicious. We've got our people behind this.

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