The Trumps are called a 'heartless couple' for grinning photo op with baby orphaned in El Paso shooting


New details have emerged about wednesday's visit to el paso by the president first lady. Melania trump reporters were barred from the trump says they toured the university medical center of el paso where victims of saturday's mass shooting dang were treated none of the eight survivors who were still receiving treatment agreed to meet with the president but a cell phone video given to local station k._a._b._c. we see shows the president smiling and laughing with medical workers he boasts about the size of a crowd at trump campaign rally in el paso in february very well disparaging a competing campaign rally held by beto rourke craft. Thank you twice the number outside. The bagel had like four hundred people see n n reports a hospital official said president trump showed an absence of empathy during the visit on thursday milania trump's twitter account published a photo from the trip showing the first lady holding a two month old infant who was orphaned when both her parents were gunned down saturday in the photo. President trump stands next to his wife flashing a thumbs up sign. Both the president and first lady are grinning widely relatives electives brought the child back to the hospital for the trump's visit the child's parents jordan and andrea tondo died as they shielded their baby from the alleged white supremacist premesis shooter who's online manifesto published moments before the assault echoed president trump's rhetoric about an invasion of immigrants. The baby was grazed by a a bullet and was treated for broken

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