Dolphins' Stills says his criticism of owner isn't political

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One other thing. We wanted to make sure you were last night and that is that in miami dolphins receiver kenny stills once again took a knee during the playing of the national anthem is continued protests coming today after he tweeted criticism of team owner stephen ross and an upcoming fundraiser that ross's having for president trump stills says that ross cannot host a fundraiser for the president and fight for equality at the same time and then stills was asked about it all following last night's game doesn't like put me against <hes>. Mr ross is just you know i'm. I'm just trying to like informed him that hey like the two things don't align i i mean. I don't think it's that complicated. I i don't have any hard feelings towards in. There's no like beef. It's just like hey these things. Don't align and maybe somebody else told you but i'm like you know. It's important to to me that we know that the work that we're doing isn't just lip. Service is real- i asked him. Why didn't talk to the owner. Why didn't talk steve. I <hes> before before <hes> you know putting something out and i think that's something that who we have to do. More of there's gotta be more communication communication more conversation more <hes> just more communication if we want to really make change now. I wish he would have done that and i i mean i i told him that this of course there's something people have been talking about for several days in case you hadn't seen it. Stephen ross released this statement wednesday at reads in part art quote. I have known donald trump for forty years. While we agree on some issues we strongly disagree on many others and i've never been bashful about expressing my opinions he added i have been and we'll continue to be an outspoken champion of racial equality inclusion diversity public education and environmental sustainability and i haven't will continue to support leaders on both sides of the gal to address these challenges.

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