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There are new MAC books folks. You have are two new books. Which one do you have? <hes> I'm reviewing the macbook air. The new twenty nineteen macbook Air Dancy for is reviewing the new twenty nineteen Mac book pro and tree pro little pro. We don't have a name for here's what happened. <hes> apple updated the air they added a true tone display to it and they drop the price by one hundred bucks and then they took the Mac book escape which was the macbook pro that had the actual button function enro- and only two ports on the side and they put the Touch Barn the touch pad on it and they updated the processor and they left it with just two ports and that I don't remember the exact price there but it's like two hundred bucks more than the air now so those are the two computers that are new alongside those things the most important thing they did in my opinion is instead of updating the MAC book a little Itty bitty Mac book they just murdered it killed Italy just destroyed it so you. I think I saw you say this in slack okay. You were like the killing. The twelve inch Mac book is Apple Walking back. Its entire five year plan for these computers. I think so you can you defend that so okay it all stems from the very first computer of this new generation of macbooks was the MAC book. It was the first one with the keyboard word the new design the new tiered the battery and most of all they just called it Mac book. They didn't call it MAC book air. They didn't call it Mac Book Ultra whatever they're like this is Mac book and everything else is is like macbook pro and that was meant to be like the default and in the intervening years the keyboards went sideways apple forgot that people like processor updates and expect so just didn't bother making in those the very clearly didn't know what they wanted to do with this lineup and you could tell they didn't know what to do because their bestselling Mac was the one that was not part of this new generation it was the macbook air forever and so they finally really updated the macbook air and just made you know either a slimmed-down macbook pro or a beefed up macbook macbook take it. I think it's more of a slimmed-down Mac book pro called it the air throughout the world and it was like Oh yeah that's that's what we want. That's the the thing we've been asking you for five years and so of course they they're killing the MAC book because they're like Oh. Well people just want this thing and this vision of the future of what Max are going to be. We need to turn that dialed on a little bit. Go back to the other kind of keyboard and we'll do that stuff next year in the meantime <hes> at least we've got like normalized lineup so I think that the main problem is that the air brand name is too good like people love the macbook Luke Air. They love the name they know what it is the default computer it's it's the Joanna Stern for two hundred dollars more you can get a Mac book air right like it is that computer in so they what they should have done was called that my God did this entire.

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