Celebrate Mexico's True National Holiday with Mole



Most of your listeners have never heard reference to September sixteenth because in the US at least at Cinco de Mayo the fifth of May made that Inspires Tequila fueld partying but and this is never normally the case. This is an example of where Americans are kind of getting it wrong about about another culture right. Cinco de Maya celebrates a military victory over Napoleon's French army in eighteen sixty two and it is yes celebrated in Mexico but it celebrated with a military parade. It's not a huge deal. September sixteenth on the other hand. That's the real national holiday Mexican Independence Day and with the National Holiday Holiday comes holiday food traditional dish to how during September sixteen is the Chilean because of the colors of the reds and the Greens and the whites and it's in that season is when you have the best Liz Jewison Nagata is a dish of chilies stuffed with meat dried fruits and nuts. It's topped with a creamy white walnut sauce and sprinkled with pomegranates grandma and herbs. It's very delicious and it's green red and white like the flag but it's not the only delicious thing your typical Independence Day party Mexicans uh-huh we'll make lots of and to heaters those little snack foods like bananas and Tamales and those will likely include something that is perhaps the true national dish of Mexico Moulay. It's always around Melissa dish. That's there to celebrate lie in celebrity death. It is one of those dishes that are that. It's just always going to be there. This episode is all about that party. Essential Moulay and this podcast is gastropod the Butkus that looks at food it through the Lens of Science and history. I'm Nichole twilly and I'm Cynthia Graber and right now. I am dreaming about the molay eight basically every day. I was in Oaxaca in the south of Mexico but for those of you not familiar with molay. It's an indigenous dish or is it okay but it's a sauce well that part is not clearcut either but at least it's Mexican Mexican yes and also know this sounds like a guest robot episode to me and it

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