Earth's Magnetic Field Initiates Pole Flip Many Millennia Before The Switch


North North and South Pole is far from fixed in fact the field is quite active sometimes weakens and even reverses causing earth polarity to switch reversals. Don't happen very often though only about every one hundred thousand two million years that's part of why this phenomenon has largely remained a mystery for scientists scientists however a recent study may help researchers better understand how long and how complicated. Earth's magnetic field reversals really are. You're the last polarity reversal took place some seven hundred seventy thousand years ago and a new study researchers use a lava flow records along with sedimentary an Antarctic ice core data to examine that event they found that the reversal took about as long as many scientists previously believed it did just a few thousand years but the researchers also examined the period prior to that final reversal process and they discovered that a lot was happening with earth. I know field thousands of years beforehand. There's clear evidence from the volcanic rocks of a major excursion happening at about seven hundred ninety five five thousand years ago. Brad Singer do scientists at the University of Wisconsin Madison who led the study that was followed by another excursion which is the unexpected ended finding of this study at about seven hundred eighty four thousand the two excursions that we've discovered in the lava record in our seed in some of the sedimentary records are a sign that the Dynamo was beginning to undergo the reversal process twenty thousand years earlier than the final reversal took place so our arguments would be that the rehearsal gristle process is complicated long lived and it gets underway gets initiated well before the final reversal takes place all this activity deep prior to the final reversal vital for our grasp of the process. The ultimate goal here is we want to understand what drives reversals what HAPP- what really happens in the Dynamo. Oh and if you just start and look at this short period right around the reversal you're missing all this unusual behavior that happens in thousands of years prior prior to that we need to know of singers findings hold true for magnetic field reversals in general alterations in the field will mess with critical human systems as such as the GPS satellites that help us navigate fortunately whenever the next reversal happens. It looks like we'll have plenty of time to prepare. Thanks for listening

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