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Neymar goes in search of Ronaldo's record



Los Angeles. International football is over domestic action of course returns this weekend as well. Neymar to pse scored of Corser Brazil during the break we play this weekend the the idea the club years the face Strasbourg France on Saturday afternoon so he should be back early enough if you after the game against Peru in La on Tuesday night backing you up early enough to be able to recover and then play on on Saturdays sometimes there's a bit of an issue with the place from South America. They come back late in international break and then they get arrested. That's the idea the club at the moment of horror and people are declared would like him to be involved in that game against Tries Boll his first game since the end of last season because you obviously hasn't played since during his his whole transfer saga then you'd be suspended for the first three as much so he wouldn't play against Madrid in Midweek mid week the following week so that would be good against brought to give him a bit of game time as we saw against Brazil. He looks fit looks good form so I think PSI looking to benefit it. From what about the fans chills. That's the big question bigger than you know would. They won't even vote will the coach and the players want even vote because that's a yes yes. The fans is the big question mark. The beginning known what kind of reception we get from the pilot projects especially from the ultras were very violent to be fair to him during the transfer Saga with insults and banners and chance against him. It'd be very interesting to see what kind of research gets you know. I guess he's father would be then I and some of the friends in their box stadium recession will they get as well how would feel about going to the by depress where he was so keen on leaving the club and leaving pirates in the summer it'd be interesting and I think all the cameras all the photographers and everyone will have the is just on name I in the whole afternoon to see how we behave and and again what reception gets an extraordinary situation as a player. Can you ignore strawberry situation brought on by. I am self yet and I've said it before. I have absolutely no sympathy for the man that wanted to Franz and he's tried his utmost Frans on husband. The on his Mideast beatty can lie on it has to get them so well as Joe said. Yes to make sure and sharp and ready play if if needed for Thomas Turco ended day. That's his job. Can you ignore it. I think it's GonNa be. I think I'm interested to see what is going to do to the rest of the else right. Neymar I think mobile handle and try and try and block it out but I think L. affect the rest of the team probably more than it well. I mean listen I played with John Bonds and he after England Games he would get away from home and I can honestly see affected did me because then I started to look after him so I think the rest of the team are going to be affected probably woman name actually thing that Neymar as we have seen in passes. EC Two tiers and I do believe that this will have an impact on the way he approaches the game and any will impact his performance is now way to cure all of that his sadness joys his frustrations defense frustration is for him to play an play well yeah and do Neymar things out on the field. Non Name are things being clown but Neymar things showcasing his talent. He does that enough times all of a sudden fencer fickle. They may just go well back of business guy but in order to do that you have to play play whale undo so consistently feels like that's the only way this thing turns around

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