Scans on US diplomats in Cuba show 'something happened to the brains'


So remember those Cuba sonic attacks right and we thought was attacking our diplomats but the sonic attack and everybody's like no no no no it didn't happen we have a study where they looked at forty patients twenty three minutes seventeen women and they did an MRI brain scans and the show variations in brain structure and functional connectivity measures relationships around brain regions they compare these forty government personnel the forty eight other adults and the supposedly Cuba sonic attacks happen to the late two thousand sixteen the scans were done last summer actually no between August two thousand seventeen the last summer and study other machine the Verma said there were group differences all over the brains they actually found evidence of brain structure change never genie is professor of radiology and neurosurgery a university Pennsylvania's Perlman school of medicine and they said especially in an area called the cerebellum it's kind of you know deals with your equilibrium and stuff they found issues of balance I'm movement dizziness etcetera so there's a difference isn't connectivity were also observed in the breeze auditory and visual spatial areas anywhere they hear and see the authors noted that the clinical part of these findings is uncertain and they didn't have earlier M. arise of the patients to compare with the prince looked like before the incidents yeah that would help so they can see before and after because you know what if all of them had bring issues but that's unlikely and what was very interesting is they really couldn't identify like a disorder they could say well look like Alzheimer's or look like Parkinson's or look like to mention it they they can say that so doctor Verma says it certainly does not resemble the imaging presentation of traumatic brain injuries or concussions even though many of the symptoms looks concussion like so they say it says something happened and we need to look further and that's about it so doctor jazz or John she is our director of the Stanford concussion brain performance center said it was quite remarkable the researchers found differences between the brains of helping people and then those involved in the incident especially given the differences with the population itself in terms of their symptoms of what kind of complaints a hat he said I think the jury's out or what caused it but certainly these patients are complained of symptoms and even ventured impairment something's going on and if you can ask to be investigated so what what is going on well many of those who were stationed in Havana many these personnel order that they were hearing intensely loud sounds coming from a specific direction and they described it as a buzzing maybe grinding metal piercing squeals coming now that's according to a study that was published you know last year and of course the study these are the sounds are often associated with pressure like or vibratory sensory stimuli they say the sensory stimuli related to air baffling inside a moving car with the windows partially rolled down so you know how you can't stand it when your kids research roll down the window and you hear the boo boo boo boo boo boo boo yeah yeah like I shot close window and then they don't then you don't want to lock but then you walk the Winona still doing bloom so you gotta make you gotta roll up the window and then lock it yeah one patient reported hearing to ten second pulses others said they could hear the sound for more than thirty minutes so a recording obtained by the Associated Press a release in October became the first publicly reported audio sample to be related to the attacks so a pair of scientists thought it sounded like an echo we call the Caribbean cricket I think the bulls are mine a scientist can't figure out yeah that's something that so can't noise cause brain injury CNN is supporting us and I say self might not have because the centers directly what an audible sound might have you know but a consequence of these you know maybe something else happened and it came out as the sound Douglas Smith he says we actually don't think it was the audible sound there was a problem am I just been the vibrations he works at the university of Pennsylvania center for brain surgery he said I think the audible sound was a consequence of exposure I know of no because of the fact that would produce concussion like symptoms of course my research strong effects on humans require loudness levels there were V. procedures very loud noise so somebody seeing or hearing a buzz or a blue doesn't necessarily that you know that it's not like okay will the sound waves are because of the damage so we still don't know what are the symptoms what were they having well they were having your pain headaches ring in one ear vertigo disorientation attention issues they were basically looking like they had traumatic brain injury or compassion that problems of memory concentration balance I sight hearing sleeping headaches that last more than three months so one of the doctors said was like that a concussion within a radical gosh many felt mentally fault or slowed some more irritable summer nervous you know with posttraumatic stress disorder will see that sonic brain injuries or concussions with football injuries will see that many of them and poor job performance three people need hearing aids then moderate to severe hearing loss others had ring a pressure there is more than a half actually had to be given medication for sleep until the headaches some could go to work I know some of you guys like is again via a government job and everybody says of an appetite was I can get some time off I don't know though you know because actually start taking medication and going through all that I I don't know I don't think anybody was fake I get what we'll never know so what's weird though is the sensors are typically concussion like if you have pain or ringing in only one here you're usually with concussion you know depend on the brain damage I eat you know yeah they're the you'd have more global sort of you know symptoms so doctors are still baffled Cuban officials vigorously deny the ready targeted attacks on diplomats in Havana and if you there some discomfort caused by the factors they say now Canadian diplomats said they experienced similar symptoms while they were posted are posted over there and they are suing the government for millions Canadian diplomats are suing the Canadian government officials and then officials of what's in the civil cases in China the US state department expanded health alert adversaries of supposed acoustic incidents left diplomatic personal suffering now I mean I I want theory he get all I have is you know was this carbon monoxide poisoning I mean every every nobody could really figure out what sort of the sonic thing this was a lot of the symptoms sound like some like that lady they didn't have carbon monoxide filters maybe somebody was messed up before they left and then again the next question is why would Cuba was most of America I mean I know a lot of people don't like Americans but you know did yeah you know what would there be thing why would they do that now maybe they were trying to get a firmer spy equipment maybe somebody figured out there some James Bond sort of tech that if they do this sort of sonic vibratory impulse it interferes with certain spy equipment I don't know I'm pulling this out of my ear but it is weird nobody's answered that question and it kinda you know things that make you go

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