Mueller Won't Say It, but Trump Clearly Obstructed Justice


Just moments away from round two former special counsel Robert Muller taking questions from lawmakers this time on the intelligence committee we are just moments away from that committee hearing to convene on with a K. G. as Ron Owens cages John Ross manning KGO as Pat Thurston and I wanted to bring up something before we go back to the committee obstruction of justice and the argument by some that well he wasn't successful so it's not a crime zero that was clearly laid out you know I'm all or answering yeah opposite that obstruction of justice is still a crime even after he was unsuccessful let me point out the Republicans keep raising this issue of underlying crime Richard Nixon did not order order the Watergate break in Richard Nixon ultimately fell because of a cover up of the argument that is being made as the president attempted to obstruct and cover up by the way a Dorian just sent me an email I feel I'm very informed I haven't missed a beat about trump I just hope the next election legitimately removes them I would prefer impeachment talk about a guy in the middle there it is the way I saw the it just south of the Hank Johnson from fifteen hundred on each side yeah the problems have been like Barry Goldwater said you know carpet off letter flowed out of the ocean yeah as to what Pat thirst and said earlier you don't you said you're more interested in hearing the questioning from the intelligence committee because they're going to focus on the Russia meddling which is important and multi even stated that was the most important thing that Americans the smaller all hearing give the reason yeah right well I is that the reason well this afternoon yeah I will be put on the spot and I think that one of the the reason that I want this more so we've talked a lot and I think the American people have been exposed a lot to the questions about obstruction although witness tampering with something that Miller also said occurred but the the rush investigation people just passed through the first part of this because there wasn't he did state that he there was insufficient evidence to prove a criminal conspiracy there was so much more there there's so much in there about the actual collusion the cooperation that was taking place the soliciting of information that was coming from the trump campaign there was so much in there and it didn't in his in his opinion rise to the level of a criminal conspiracy for which he could be charged but there's an awful lot in there that would indicate it either to my mind on ethical behavior corrupt behavior of behavior that was certainly collusion even if it didn't rise to that level and so I'm anxious for them to get that information out so that the American public here's an interesting you say that because it was inconclusive as you said but then the but then on the second part of the mall the report it really zeros in on the it was not structured as Jolla's so this seems like there's more there because it was more complicated it was mainly in lab so that whether it succeeds or not that's ridiculous I mean if up obstruction of justice is what you do if you want to file for impeachment the question of whether the Russians coopted the election influence the election is a critical question and I want to remind you the president of the United States to this day denies that the Russians influence the election and the president was asked if he trusted of the word of Latimer putting or American intelligence agencies and I also want to remind you that there is an active report this morning that Dan coats who is the DCI may be removed and who was the president consulting with on that but Devin newness so there's a lot there are a lot of layers former Republican has that's right there are a lot of layers here now but all right people need to keep their eye on one ball the Russians interfered in the American election there is no question about that even in addition to that John it's that the Russian interference would not have possibly been as extensive or as successful as it was without the cooperation of the trump campaign format once approached right once approached you know had day immediately gone to the FBI some of these efforts could have been thwarted some of this information could potentially have been made public the American people could have been aware so this I think also goes to a potential impeachment are they load are they starting to get in yeah Adam shooter yeah Schiff is taking his seat I thought it was interesting congressman Tom McClintock from the Sacramento area had an interesting way to sum up Muller's report and I want to play that for you here although weak up not you can't put it up okay never I was gonna try and play for my own computer and that's not going to be working but I talked about that Robert Muller ringing the doorbell and then dropping his report on fire and running away so I thought it was a great way to describe it no matter what side you're on yeah I know it's it's to the biggest of the four hundred plus pages into that run on hers needs to do something right exactly and that's coming from a Republican and it's it's really important to realize that fact now I'm looking at the at the screen and we're going to bring you the sound but Adam Schiff is about to call together the Senate of the house intelligence committee and this will focus on the question of collusion cooperation Russian interference in the election and I will be fascinated by how the president tweets in response to what we are going to hear over the next several hours it is going to be an awful lot that he's not going to answer in this regard to because in addition to the Russians there were a number of other people who were not indicted and so those are individuals that the justice department has told him he should not be talking about including you know the don junior and I can't remove us but there are other people who are Erik Hicks was brought up in the last one though when he responded to that request just last week hope picks was subpoenaed refused to comply with a subpoena right because she lied well but whatever the reason the president extended executive what he it's not exactly a privilege she center it's some new myth right about executive authority to prevent her from testifying yes and let me tell you the committee was not happy about that the Democrats anyway well what if thirty four I think was a thirty four Russians that were indicted I'm not more than two dozen what yeah thirty by two thousand thirty six thirty seven I mean yeah thirty seven seven entitled and from big did more than two dozen indicted Russian right you know no matter what the Russians are going to interfere with this next election to I'm sure they already on that what what we didn't hear they call John show every night signal right it just goes all the way to Russia what we didn't hear it was the voice of errands that plea is the assistant special counseling you may this afternoon because I believe that he is going to be sworn beings at least that's the anywhere but wasn't enough for I was hearing this wasn't that Miller may yes trump is really mad about that that was one of the things he also tweeted about was the fact that they were going to allow him to even be in the hearing he said it was never agreed that Robert Muller could use one never Trumper lawyers help with his answers Donald Trump has no right at all talking about agreement but he says it was specifically not agree to and I would never have agreed to it wasn't matter what he says why I think he needs to agree to it because the president of the United States this president of United States seems to have an over inflated view of the power of the president and certainly when you consider three co equal branch of government as angry as the president may be at the Congress and the judiciary he can't interfere it's interesting that what was not gotten into Israeli why Mahler didn't somehow insist that he get the testimony from a president trump himself right nobody asked why did why I mean that resonate very basic question right now and I think he would have said no but I'd like to get that he wouldn't answer but I would like to get that on the red white that may still be asked let me remind you the fundamental question the subpoena was the meeting in trump tower which goes to the heart of what we're going to do in the Senate and the house intelligence committee so that may yet come up in short we are going to be riveted for the next two hours plus to the testimony before the house intelligence were you guys surprised that the Republicans are using as an argument the fact that Muller could not indict a sitting president as department of justice policy in kind of twisting that into an argument that he didn't do his job let's hear from congressman Jim Jordan who try to contrast the charging decisions between members of the campaign and the president charge regains for false statements you charge Paul metaphor for false statements charge Michael Cullen with false statements you charge Michael Flynn a three star general was false statements but the guy who puts the countries to this whole saga starts at all for three years we live this now he lies and you guys don't charge and I'm curious as to why well I can't get into it and and it's obvious I think if we can't get into charging decisions that wasn't about trump if I'm pretty sure is that was not about Donald Trump that was about that professor who he who he asserted Jordan asserted was the beginning of all of this that it was the professor who gave the information about the top the list who then relayed the information right to the an Australian yeah so it wasn't about that but they did that was it did seem to be part of their strategy that they would twist the idea of the LC a memo that would not that Muller cited that would not allow him to indict and you know John I don't know if we have time for this but you know I've talked about this extensively that LC memo really is not a it's not to the constitution it's not the law and it's not just a policy just says that the president cannot be indicted it doesn't say in the about when it's not I don't know if it's not finding do you understand I I can make the argument I it's an LLC opinions about any informed playing which which the Attorney General watered enforced both Attorney General spot one of error the deputy Attorney General Mister Reznor signed it and so that's the problem it was an impediment which well I think is wrong I think it's wrong in law I do too John I do too and and you know I think when you look at what happened with the Bill Clinton and the independent counsel there's a Ken Starr he certainly did divide by that understand if you read Lee on shore skis book which is well worth reading he talks about why he did what he did and then remember that during the Clinton scandal in in two thousand actually the justice department simply reinforce reinforce that but let me also point out that two days before he left office Bill Clinton admitted that he obstructed justice that he'd committed perjury and his fine if you will was that he was disbarred in Arkansas disbarred before the Supreme Court had to pay Paula jones' legal expenses and he did it Bill Clinton did it because he was told if he didn't the minute he left the inaugural platform he would be indicted so for Bill Clinton it was a matter of of saving his frankly thank god that they'll bring up hope picks again in this discussion because the whole thing about hope Hicks was because she was involved in these emails that were related to the trump tower midday cations Miller is coming in a lot less so okay gotcha yeah we we are yeah just about to begin the second hearing with Robert Muller just moments away Robert Muller has just walked into the committee hearing room for the house intelligence committee Adam Schiff will swear him in and I will be followed by analysis with KGO is John Robb and Pat thirst and Ron Owens and that mark

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