These Male Marsupials Drop Dead After Mating

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Tiber david shoemaker guesses strain punt headline. Tuesday's headline was about an australian scientist. She studies sea snakes by the sea floor. We're gonna stick david with new york times. Were also gonna stick with animals and we're also going to stick with australian. Animals with a story sent to us by patrick grunter enter. It's a story by any roth about an animal called the kaluga the kaluga and by the way this is another one just like the snake story. I recommend you go and read. The whole thing is it's fascinating. Forget the headline just read the story anyway and brought the rights at the kaluga is a marsupial kinda mousy looking and the colluded david is what they call semillas do word for me. Smell paris and simone peres means that win they mate they die when the male colluded mates it dies roth writes for milk. Liudas sex is suicide. Okay now. We're going to go with the twitter headline here the not the one on the piece but the one times used on twitter. What is the strained pun headline about collude. 'as that die after mating <hes>. Oh my gosh i mean it's not dead and married. <hes> the <hes> loving has lovin of in <hes> <hes> like i love you to death or something. What would this be. It's this is the <hes> little little more punny little more outside. The word love a little bit. Am i so it says something. The sex said think of think of some synonyms for sex okay synonyms doing. I assume it's not like a like a just a plain curse word <hes> no less uh <hes> arch off here marsupials go out now with a bang is that it is not with a

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