An Esports Tournament for Hackers?


Better faster greener super micro resource-saving server and storage systems with intel zeon scalable processors reduce the cost and environmental impact of your enterprise infrastructure learn more at super micro dot com. I'm charlie turner in new york and this is tech news briefing from the wall street journal e. sports in which professional video game players compete against each other are growing in popularity. Some observers think east sports will soon can have a cybersecurity league where teams compete to hack each other systems will have the story in a moment. I hear some tech headlines dell's technology suave quarterly profit bolstered by a large tax benefit and record revenue at the division selling everything from laptops to computer workstations dell thursday reported a higher adjusted profit of two fifteen per share beating analysts projections of a dollar fifty. A share sources say china is studying technology companies companies reliance on american suppliers. It's an apparent attempt to assess their ability to withstand further trade tensions even as beijing prepares to roll out a retaliatory blacklist backlist of foreign businesses chinese official last week reiterated plans to release in the near future. An unreliable entity list of foreign businesses and individuals is that would face restrictions in their dealings with chinese counterparts. The list is an apparent planned response to washington's attempts to shut out telecommunications giant walkway technologies the survey of domestic companies as part of china's longer term goal of weaning itself off dependence on u._s. Technology divide widens between the world's two largest economies. Mace apple is launching a new product repair program in the u._s. In which outside vendors can repair apple products using the same parts and tools as the company's authorized service providers apple thursday businesses need to have an apple certified technician to apply for the company's repair program firms. The qualify can buy diagnostic equipment whitman parts and tools at the same price paid by the companies more than five thousand authorized service providers worldwide apple plans eventually to expand the program outside the u._s. After having piloted the program with businesses in north america europe and asia over the past year separately apple says it plans to host a september tenth event at the steve steve jobs theater on its corporate campus where it's widely expected to unveil products including three new iphone models better faster greener owner super micro resource-saving server and storage systems with intel zeon scalable processors reduce the cost and environmental impact of your enterprise infrastructure picture learn more at super micro dot com millions of people watch e sports in which professional video game players compete in tournaments midst of halo and call of duty. Some experts say viewers could one day be watching cybersecurity teams compete to hack one another systems could this broadened the appeal of sports among in youth and also perhaps lure them to work in the cyber security industry which is sorely in need of talent. Let's talk with wall street. Journal reporter james rundle who's part of the journals pro cybersecurity security team james. It sounds like a good idea creating an e sports category for cyber security <hes> essentially to kill two birds with one stone boosting interest in both e. sports and the overall industry yes essentially so cybersecurity has a pretty severe recruitment problem right now <hes> hundreds of thousands of vacancies in the u._s. alone millions worldwide worldwide so that areas if you can broaden the appeal attract youth through sports on maybe can help plug that gap well. The question is how interested would viewers really c._b._s. Watching sports contestants patch systems isn't this kind of a laborious process. It's a bit like watching paint dry so <hes> yeah that's the problem. You know you're watching people at the movies glorify radio watching people do the homework every competes as a there are some efforts underway to change this one gentleman who spoke to jason taylor. That's not a proof of concept where it would visualize the action going on in a game four months <hes> piece of put together something the unreal engine <hes> and it was pretty successful. There have already been cyber sports cyber sports competitions having their in the form of capture the flag contests and they're. They're more coming up on it. You talk about that yes so there was one recently in august called wicked six which pitted sixteenths from different colleges across the u._s. against each other raising money for charity. <hes> it was a bit of a test i think just to see if it could work and that kind of format with a live audience and it seemed to go pretty well that they're gonna get next year. <hes> catch the fly contest. Do you happen at most conferences throughout the world <hes> specifically defcon a blackout the the biggest ones <hes> but this is one of the first times that it's really had all the trappings of an sportswoman is a big one is scheduled to take place in the fall season featuring thousands of students discovering. What two months yes. This is the national cyber league. It's a very interesting program. That's been run since two thousand twelve. <hes> gentle daniel manson at the u. The polytechnic pomona runs it and essentially it allows high school and college students to compete individually and in teams against each other of the course of two seasons they in the spring and the full semesters and <hes> it's been pretty successful gordon <hes> just under thousand plays in two thousand twelve to around hopefully six thousand and they're they're different brackets hard medium easy. Yeah you can appeal to anybody with the super experience the security or whether a complete novus <hes> look at the practice with others of the ability types going up against prepackaged essentially couldn't student player's leverage their game experiences kind of a replacement for you know on the job bob experience when applying for cyber security position exactly yeah i mean there's a lot of people node jobs quite tough to get in specialized industries having experience already even the entry of ones and so what the n._c. L. does which is really interesting. Is they provide a scouting report for every player shows their strengths their weaknesses how did throw season <hes> and quite a few of them have polly so you're actually bringing this job interviews and getting crazy industry as a result well how many job openings are currently in the cyber security field. I imagine in their thousands of them in the u._s. There's about three hundred fifteen thousand but presence <hes> worldwide the nearly three million <hes> which is astronomical the problem being of course it's such a specialized industry can take up to ten years to train. Someone's be effective in this so you have a massive massive on ramp to what you're getting into a huge <hes> need people in the wall street journal pro cyber-security reporter james rendel. Thanks for joining us. Thank you and that's tech news briefing. I'm charlie turner in new york for the wall street journal.

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