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I came to Congress I decided to make tobacco my issue we had some successes in order in nineteen eighty seven in my third term in the house second term on the Appropriations Committee I successfully passed appropriations amendment banning smoking on eighty percent of airline flights in the United States it was a minor it was a major miracle no one expected this young congressman from Illinois with the opposition of both Republican and democratic leadership to pass this measure on the floor what they fail to understand is the house of representatives is the largest free could flyer club in America and they were sick and tired of secondhand smoke on airplanes and voted with me the bill was signed into law by president Ronald Reagan despite big tobacco fighting all the way they called my band quote an intrusion on individual rights you may hear echoes of that in this room today it was just the first step I didn't realize that eliminating this inconvenience was a tipping point but it was it turned out that a lot of people thought well of secondhand smoke is dangerous on a plane what is the dangers in a movie theater in a restaurant in a bowling alley we also went on directly after big tobacco's efforts to adopt children which is why we made cigarettes more expensive with taxes that is the single greatest deterrent to children turning to cigarettes we dump Joe camel and the Marlboro man as part of a national lawsuit with prohibited kid friendly flavors and cigarettes like strawberry and grape and since these historic changes the percentage of youth smokers declined from twenty eight percent twenty eight percent in the year two thousand to less than eight percent today however anyone who believes that the multi billion dollar tobacco industry would go quietly ignore the power of their greed and that's why we're here today losing their precious market share big tobacco put their researchers and markers to work first they needed a new product the didn't Kerry the moral taint of cancer causing tobacco even better if it looked like USB flash drive could easily slip into a kids laptop they needed a campaign that included an unproven positive health claim such as Jules current make the switch slogans they relied on a multi billion dollar twelve point eight billion dollar investment from an old standby L. trivia formally known as Philip Morris they needed a special strategy focused on kids because they knew the children for a variety of reasons the most absurd susceptible new users of products it worked with cigarettes it was going to work again with jewel invading how did they lower the kids I've got a bag full of all of the different flavors I will go through a mall but the include fruit medley gummy bear whipped cream unicorn razzle berry and cotton candy I go tell me that's all about adult switching from cigarettes to vaping finally and this is critical they needed the food and drug administration to look the other way as their massive empire mushroomed and metastasized unfortunately the FTA FTA is been happy to service that accomplish delaying commonsense regulation of the E. cigarette industry by years refusing to move remove illegal products on the market and standing silent in the face of these false health claims by jewel I made it clear to the acting FDA commissioner doctor Sharpless and commissioner got leave before him the FDA's helpless spectator ship has to come to an end whether by law regulation court order or discovering the political will to get off the sidelines so what's been the result of big tobacco and big vapes efforts combined with the FDA's abject failure to regulate the industry despite their authority twenty seventeen twenty eighteen the number of American teenagers using any tobacco product increased by nearly forty percent this was the largest single year increasing use tobacco use ever that's right all of our significant harder and gain she reduced youth use of tobacco products are being re first because of the cigarettes like tool and the accompanying kid friendly flavors and all of the full page jul adds the crying children you know we see them you seem in the hill roll call political Washington post New York times Wall Street journal this isn't a new tactic that's exactly what big tobacco to when we said lay off the kids they bought full page ads in the Wall Street journal saying we don't want kids to smoke cigarettes how many kids do you think it up in the morning to read the Wall Street journal exactly none this is just a PR campaign now by jewel once by big tobacco to try to say that they have a business model that really isn't directly kids the facts tells of the words to combat today's vaping epidemic hi there is bipartisan bicameral legislation to crack down on kid friendly E. cigarette flavors I'm joined by senator Lisa Murkowski Republican of Alaska representatives to get some rest our safe kids would give the cigarette companies one year to prove their products meet three criteria first companies would have to prove that their products actually help adults cigarette smokers to quit second they have to prove their products don't harm the people using them third E. cigarette companies would have to prove their products do not cause children to start using nicotine if the federal tobacco twenty one bill moves this year I think it might listen it's imperative that the legislation includes strong provisions crackdown on kid friendly E. cigarette flavors that are affecting our kids the someone who lost his father is a kid to smoke related lung cancer I hope that these cigarettes would prove to be a smoking cessation device for adults to date there is no proof instead these devices and

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