Are these girls being forcibly converted?


The forced conversion to Islam of young women and girls in Pakistan is causing tensions and one of the country's poorest provinces distraught families say goals are being kidnapped kidnapped and forced to convert clerics say they're converting of their own free will and South Asia correspondent Chevanton. You found is hard to what's the women themselves gave police this video of two Pakistani sisters reciting Islamic versus went viral in Pakistan. It'd be arena and Ravina assistance from a small village in Sindh province which is one of the poorest parts of Pakistan. It's also home to many of the country's largest religious minority Hindus soon after these sisters converted from Hinduism to Islam. They were married to local Muslim was lamenting over the entire process was filmed and a variety of phone video clips emerged in one the two sisters sisters and two men sit squeezed together on a sofa as a cleric rates from a religious text. All the videos were shed far and wide on social. Media has people debate it. Did these girls convert of their own free will or were they forced. There's no way of knowing the full story behind that conversions and marriages or whether they wanted it all to be filmed and publicized but activists say it's an example of something Pakistan's Owing Human Rights Commission says is a national problem it in its annual report. The commission said that More Than One thousand underage girls were forcibly converted last year in Sindh province alone. There's been A.. Consistent stream of conversions of low cost Mina Hindu goals over the past several years the commission road in its annual report in April around one thousand Oakland Christian and Hindu minority women converted to Islam and then forcibly married off to their abductors or rapists. The commission reported earlier this month sins provincial assembly pasta resolution demanding an end to the practice. It was supported unanimously including by local members of Prime Minister Imran Khan's Tarija in softball P._T._i.. Potty as well as the hardline Jamaat e Islami group but it's not the first time lawmakers have tried and failed to press for change before influence from religious groups is brought to bear and the passage of laws banning the practice is thwarted cases like Rena and Ravinus grab headlines in India and Pakistan influential. Nobody in the case of these sisters even led to politicians from both countries trading BOB's over religious freedom on on twitter coverage on four hundred many Douglas Marie Ibox the Human Rights Commission says forced conversion flourishes because the local authorities look the other way and and because religious organizations including Madris's facilitate indeed orchestrate the targeting vulnerable girls from the poorest families and the lowest costs some people say the girls go willingly because converting and marrying a slightly wealthy Moslem man gives them economic opportunity at the other end of the spectrum are accusations Happened Mr Lau says his daughter just thirteen and fifteen years old and you husbands and the religious leaders who read them say they're eighteen and nineteen despite being married in in Sindh where the legal age for marriage is eighteen they were quickly moved to a different province by these men to Punjab where the legal marriage age is only sixteen you Mr Lau protested outside local police stations eventually made its way to court with the involvement of some local law makers and advocates for the Hindu Community but an issue wasn't whether the girls can send it to be married or converted willingly or if they were abducted adopted the only issue being ruled on was whether they were eighteen and therefore old enough to marry the court was essentially deciding whether the girls would go back to their parents house else will be told to remain within new husband's sisters appeared at court once their faces fully covered in black nick up before they were ordered to stay a safe house for for the duration of court proceedings. They didn't say a word outside the court and they never returned to sit in that courtroom that was deciding their futures as is common in many Pakistan's Costanza poor rural areas. These goals never given birth certificates. It would not have been a priority for their family. So the court ruled that forensic testing at an institute eighteen Islamabad would be conducted to determine if they were eighteen when they were married the goals were not in court to him most of their case and their mother was equally silent she she did go to the court sitting with her husband is lawyers and activists swilled around her. She will the same outfit every day. A plain yellow sorry that she dropped low over her face covering. Covering her eyes although her teas were visible as she sat and whipped quietly in the hours before the final hearing she wore bright red bengals up her arms says he's custom for married women from her community as people walked past her in the court precinct some stead and laughed at her style of dress which denoted her status as the low cost person from a poll rural area. She never spoke to any of the people involved in the case or to the many reporters at court to follow the story people poured from the courtroom. After the judge handed down his verdict. The sisters were eighteen or older. He ruled they would stay within new husband's uh-huh from the religious center where the girls were converted and married celebrated outside in their later cleric and former politician. Pierre Abdelhak said force was never used to convert the sisters. Do I had stopped what Woah we welcome the judgement. Today's judgment delivered justice. He said this is all done to define Pakistan. There are some Indian spy agencies who are doing this correct missile salty egg. Give me an example of false conversion in the last two hundred years. Give me a name I will donate my property to her. The hands linked fists raised in the air. The men walked from the court precinct triumphant. They were by far the loudest voices in in South Asia correspondent Chevanton you with their tail from Pakistan.

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