Mohammed bin Salman Is Making Muslims Boycott Mecca


Now to some Muslims calling for a boycott of this year's pilgrimage to the holy site of Mecca every year. Two million people go thing is meccas in Saudi Saudi Arabia where the government of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman has been implicated in the murder of journalists in Saudi critic Jamal Ca Shoji also after pressure from human rights groups superstars singer Nicki Menaj pulled out of the Jetta World Fest Music Festival in Saudi Arabia that starts today London based journalist Akhmed tw- age has just written about the Mecca pilgrimage boycott for foreign policy magazine. We've reached him in London. Twitch told me a key moment came in April when a Muslim cleric endorse I the idea was quite a big deal considering how important hodge is like being one of the pillars of Islam for him to come out to say that and it's not exactly Muslims turning their back on their religion as more than turning their back on Saudis foreign policy as well as what did to the journalists Jamal she the boycott has gathered steam after that initial call yeah it's kind of embracing over the past few years actually but without cool it kind of almost gave credit to it because this is actually a scholar saying. As opposed to just like civil rights activists. Do you think that Saudi Arabia even cares. I mean certainly millions of pilgrim's do show up but Saudi Arabia makes money in other ways of course the whole point of Mama been set him on vision. Twenty thirty is about diversifying the G._D._p.. So at the moment almost ninety percent of their G._D._p.. Comes from oil wealth as we know but as the world is shifting away from natural resources such as oil the Saudi Arabia's coming to diversify their income and one of the ways that the aiming to do that is through increasing tourism but I think also images wrapped up into the Saudi Arabia's image in there must be some concern that this boycott will draw attention to some of these issues underscore the image issue and a real issue Saudi Arabia images of priority forest so for example Mohammed. When's Simone spent a lot of last year traveling the whole of the world the U._S. coming to the U._K.? Trying to promote themselves as this almost liberal country going through various reforms are now women to drive almost as a way to cover up some of the other activities that they've been doing throughout the Middle East or some of their internal policies as well well. I mean economic pressure on for instance South Africa. It took a sustained effort over long period of time for policy and actually the fabric of society there to change yeah I would agree with. I think it's time based thing on should the boy sustain and the income does reduce the all going to be forced to change their policies. London based journalist Akhmed tweed wrote the peace in foreign policy magazine called Mohammed Bin. Salman is making Muslims TMZ BOYCOTT MECCA MR twitch. Thank you for the time

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