Four people shot dead, two wounded in Los Angeles shooting spree


Night and we begin tonight with that fast-moving seen outside Los Angeles Elissa deadly rampage today four different crime scenes authorities say the horror beginning in the middle of the night at the family home investigators say that's where a son shot and killed his father and brother and shot his mother her condition unknown after starting at home than tracking him to several other sites a gas station and then a bank and the city bus late today police moving in and A._B._C.'s Clayton's del lead us off from California tonight tonight. The deadly southern California crime spree spread across four different scenes means with four people dead just now coming to an end officers in the San Fernando Valley near L._A.. Spending tents thirteen hours hunting for a man they say shot his entire family didn't stop there. Go ahead as E._M._S.. The victim Roger the first call at one fifty A. N.. In Canoga Park apartment building police say 26-year-old Jerry's era Gaza killed his father and brother he also shot and wounded his mother going one approach him is he's showing himself very dangerous less than an hour later at this north Hollywood gas station the L._A._p._d.. Says Zaragoza killed a female acquaintance and shot another man just before eight A._M.. Police say he next tried to rob a customer at a bank thank A._T._M.. Then during the lunch hour another shooting this time on a city bus he just got up and shot the chest scattered. One victim on the bus was killed about an hour later after a massive police search Zaragosa was taken into custody and clean sand hill joins us live tonight from California and Clayton. Police are now trying to determine some sort of a motive here. That's right David they say Zaragoza was armed when he was arrested and they are trying to figure out a motiva- say he had had past problems with his family and they are now talking to his mother who survived that shooting for any clues they also say he did not appear to know the person that he allegedly killed on that bus David planes and l leading US off tonight Clayton.

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