Jimmy, Matt And Thirty Seconds discussed on UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra


And why no i used to do that like thirty seconds slow thirty seconds fast minute fast minute not even slowly how long to keep it sure i would do it the the the <hes> the length of the fight. I did that for my three fives. I'm trying to think if i did that from a twenty five minute fights for on the versa climber and shit i would do that. I hated it way. The versa climate climate stay on for fifteen minutes. Oh hundred percent hundred fuck you. I don't know jimmy. Maybe maybe that's why my walking versa climber arabia. I don't know what you mean. Thrive is both the fuck me and i and i looked so good lately. You look very slim slimmer than i look. I'm like fucking matt in the marshmallows. All that's what our show she recalled. I got milk into a bucket this weekend but i- nelson some hey and somebody milk my titties into a bucket shitty like a cow. What are you stuck. It can stop eating up discussed it up. It is fucking you. Make a pitch man in any pretty. You know oh jimmy. I

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