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You is a certain show that i say to people people listen to this won't even remember. Some of the young vote remember now for an institution was background. The bay is just kind of weird. The we'd nothing had been made. They're certainly not like kids stuff for years and then for some reason as nerva andrea one for decided that they needed to be a program of a new castle and there i mean honestly it was like you can watch him as a kid being on a show like that as well and because there's not it's not exactly known as industry town so you're on this show. You think it's like yeah absolutely buzzing but then you're walking through threes you fucking bitch. They were supposed to be lately the club honestly it really really was i mean it was really happy years but like say it actually like caused quite a lot of negative attention that i found actually to be honest with you quite difficult to deal with secure an hour when i started and seventeen when i left oh oh my god a lot of growing up as a as old up loop on tally it

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