Trump signs memo to eliminate student loan debt for disabled vets


As I signed a presidential memorandum facilitating the cancellation of student loan debt for twenty five thousand of our most severely disabled veterans so there you go you heard the list of folks are coming to the stage here in Louisville at the Galt house of president trump including governor Bevan secretary to boss come up and sign an executive order that read express the everlasting love and loyalty of a truly grateful nation god bless our veterans and god bless America thank you very much thank you it is a veteran student loan relief order eight an executive order what it does is the race student loan for the wounded warriors they say on average thirty thousand dollars and that is debt forgiveness he said goals of that no taxation that federally and they're urging all the states to line up in and waive any state taxes on the debt relief there and two so it skews me it says about one of the graphics as twenty five thousand disabled vets are getting student loan

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