A Tapeworm Called Reggie


Ren Door is a Lobsterman. And he was ren indoor ren door all his last name is door. Okay because ren door sounds like a jet I name oh I thought it sounded like a meat process that too yeah anyway so ren door had just set a triple three lobster traps attached by a single line. Don't know what that means. Just because I'm from Maine doesn't mean I fish for things And he saw something in the water the he did not expect. He was five miles off mainland Harrington so H- Harrington's down on the coast. He was five miles off the coast as we say in Maine Rain Down East. Yeah sure. Let's Downey step up and gazed out into the water as fishermen do and what did he see a young deer in the water. The water. How far out five miles what? Yeah a deer. That's that's almost international waters. So was it a spy dear. What Oh you think? He was sent here. Maybe he was swimming toward the shore. He was hid swear swam. I'm from some hostile nation. You think so. Maybe he was just getting closer and we and we grabbed him before he got here. Maybe that's it dear. You're spying activities. Ran On the other hand had a different thought. He thought I'm sure he'd been going from island to island or shore to an island and he couldn't see or got caught in the current or something had happened. He was just going with the flow. He wasn't trying to swim or fight with it. He was just kind of floating. And I'm sure I mean he must have been exhausted He was floating away from the shore out into the open in ocean. And I mean he he must have been out there for hours and hours will. Yeah an hour's five miles from the mainland even if he was island hopping right. That's incredible so the fishermen decided. Obviously they had to snag this dear so they hauled the buck walk into the boat and they saved him. He weighed about one hundred pounds. And there's a picture of him on the back of the fishing boat and they said okay where is it. He laid right down like a dog. He was beat out shaking shivering. I'm sure he was froze. That says November number in the ocean off main so Downey's he laid right down there late down all juries pretty much froze. Britain here looked out over the water and I saw him out there. You just lurking so anyway that dear I love him. That's fantastic. Is that just kind of a little bonus thing that you Through in this episode. Oh I just saw it and I was telling you about but that's not your topic to now. What is is your topic? Oh don't you want to just fawn over the deer and no. I think the buck stops here. Oh aw I just. I'm sorry I get distracted with you looking at me I'll do I You go first though I can do that. Sure and the deer stories nice too because this is this is going to blow right by and you're going to be like wow. That was short for it. But I'll be like Oh but dear story and you're GonNa like Oh that'll make up for it. Sure did work on tobacco that arms. Well even wrote a jingle for it. Yeah that is beautiful and get gross all right so I found a little tidbit the other day. Hey which are my favorite things little tidbits and you can go like hey. Did you know Blood Alah and people go no wet and then you're so that's a tidbit for you and I found it tidbit and I was like I have to learn more about this magic magic being disgusting worms. Okay so flat worms. They are the most simple type of worm and there are about hold onto your butts twenty thousand species of flat worms. The idea that you you introduce the topic of flat worms and then insist we hold onto our butts. That was their pen worms. Sorry Yep so. There are free living types of flat worms which do not live off a host big? Thanks by the way for Dominique for gathering much of this information for me free living types of flat worms can be found in freshwater marine or damp terrestrial environments and most flat worms are free living however some are of heroin. Flame they are ribbon shaped and are flattened. Dorsey eventually not sure I've said that right. There are four major classes of flat worms they have names and roughly eighty percent of all flat. Worms are of the parasitic nick. Type flat worms are grows. That's a little jingle. I just made up. I like it very much like we did at the end where you made it like Well yeah very creamy. The plane Arians live. In freshwater PL- Americans are Hermaphroditic Hermaphrodite Sounds right. They're both Yup and it has a simple brain a nervous system aero like head and two is spots so these dudes have the ability to regenerate. So they're hacked up. They can be like nope new parts new party can't stop me. Can't stop won't stop like the type of Salamander that can regenerate its tail. Yeah that's fascinating. It's also terrifying. But it's something that could lead us to you. Learn about a lot of things. The thing is like they're amazing. Creatures all over the place that can do amazing things and I think it's really neat that we can learn from them mm-hmm however I also don't think we should test on them so I'm torn there even flat worms now don't even the hermaphroditic ones that's implying lying that having both parts makes you less worthy of Noam not playing that at all. I'm just implying worms And I wanted to say hermaphroditic it is. It's fun to say so these guys are scavengers generally or carnivores and they're they're pretty harmless really. They'll they'll just snack on whatever's about but they're not gonNA cling to you and make you their meal most often. Let's talk about everyone's favorite flat worm the tapeworm form. That's not one of mine at all. The tapeworm can get into a person's digestive tract and grow to enormous lengths adult tapeworms can measure more than eighty feet long. That's twenty five meters and they can live as long as thirty years in a host. No no way. That's horrifying beyond all expectations. Recent story about a man from India detailed how he had a six foot tapeworm removed from his innards. And I was okay during most of the the reading about this until they described it. They they used forceps pulled it out of his mouth home Oh Gross I heard a story one time of somebody who had a I don't know how long the tapeworm was but it came out when they were taking a bath. Oh they were just sitting there and they looked down in like this worm was coming out of there but into the TUB. I mean it cutting out is good. Yeah but that bathwater done charm to throw out the tapeworm with the bath. Water do make. How do you make sure the rest of it comes out and it doesn't go back? I don't know you grab it. Are you grab it. I would be tempted to but wh what do you do. I know that like when I was a kid and we would catch earthworms to go fishing. They would you know they'd be out of the whole little bit and you just pinched the worm in the wormwood come out because it needed air or something I don't know would come out anyway. Why would you pinch it? Yeah you just pinched the worm and it would come out of the whole it will. It won't stay underground being pinched. Why I don't know but that's doesn't make any sense you'd think you'd WanNa go back in the whole right but it doesn't work that way with earthworms worms for whatever reason you pinch them and they come out of the whole? Is it the same with where AM I. Don't know I'm I'm putting Griffin's important in this kind of situation as you want together as much information as we can yeah. I don't know if you pinch but worms if they'll come out or not into your tub water this I don't know yet but I think we need to Fundus into study. I bet there's someone listening. Who knows Oh you know there is? There's somebody who has a tub worm degree and will let us know thank you some tapeworms form's attached themselves to the walls of the intestines where they cause irritation or inflammation Sometimes they might just pass through you and and an toodle out And your tub or whatever the thing is like the the tapeworm can get dangerous as it grows and consumes assumes more and more of the host's resources I would think that if there's anything eighty feet long living in urine tests could be dangerous. I don't know that there. There have ever been any Records or recorded instances of eighty foot long tapeworms inside of people But but yeah. I'm curious now and I'm shocked that I didn't look it up. What is the longest tapeworm? That's come out of a person. I found this on the web route. Six feet. Okay Yeah Yeah that's gross that's enough Taller than I am big enough. So the tapeworm has hooks folks and suckers on their head and they use them to attach to the intestinal wall and They they they can travel to other parts of the bodies still being attached to the intestines because the length that they can grow to. So they'll they'll kind of like keep their one hand end on the home base tree tag. was that what I was going for. I don't know hands on base right. They're staying safe in the old innards but awesome another parasitic form of flat. Worm is the fluke and they are characterized by a well-developed digestive system system with a mouth at the interior and one or more suckers surrounding mouth and suckers are generally kept to. It's like I said they are used mostly to keep themselves attached to the to the host. They're not retrieving fluids necessarily through those little title right. Now that's that's they do that through their their mouth at the anterior And that's Yup okay though sometimes With the Fluke They can end up being affected by Chernobyl. And they end up in a sewer. You're and then a longshoreman. fines a half eaten corpse in a sewer system and they have to report that to the FBI and then the FBI comes out out to investigate and they find the fluke man hybrid and You

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