Everything You Need To Know About The 2019 Elections


Election results the mayor of Warren Jim Follett's will have another four year term as mayor he defeated his opponent city councilman Kelly Colegio in voting yesterday Maureen Miller Brosnan will take over as mayor old love all your she won that race Sheldon nearly defeated the incumbent mayor of flint Karen weaver nearly will take over in flint all the school bond issues and rules were passed in the Detroit area big one passed in Ann Arbor marijuana ballot proposals voters passed one in Lincoln Park but they defeated marijuana proposals and walled lake Keevil harbor and Allan park Democrat showed strength in key state elections in the Kentucky race for governor the incumbent Republican Matt Bevin trails the democratic challenger and the base year the race is too close to call officially correspondent Harry Enten says part of the Democrats success were wins in areas of that state where president trump did well all counties and sexually democratic territory a lot of these counties one for trump by forty to fifty points back in two thousand sixteen but this year they went back to the Democrats and that was the key part of this year's suppose a victory in the state of Kentucky in Virginia Democrats won majorities in both the house and Senate in Mississippi Republicans held on to the governor's

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