The curious release of military aid to Ukraine


Talking about impeachment ten what Ukraine's president told them I'm J. Metzler fox news they are members of the Senate foreign relations committee charged with delivering military aid that Congress approved for Ukraine and the trump administration put on hold Connecticut democratic senator Chris Murphy telling Chuck Todd today on NBC's meet the press presents Lynskey dispensed with the formalities of the meeting he started to immediately talk about the fact that this eight had been suspended it was that important to him because of his soldiers were dying on the front without American he knew this aid was a suspended at this point in time right he when when is this meeting he knew this aid was suspended this was on September fifth okay and he had clearly been communicated to at that point that he needed to get these investigations started in order for the aid to be turned back on responding to president trump who insist that no pressure was put on the Ukrainians and they've said so publicly Murphy says they're so desperate they'd say anything to be on the president's good side also on meet the press Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson who says to GOP representatives on the house intelligence committee want to know what he knows I got a letter last night from a person of Jordan Nunez asking for basically my telling of the Vance I'll be working that today so I will lay out what I know in terms this and so are you going to testify on surface up from my perspective now do you know they're not going to call me because certainly Adam Schiff what we want we want to be called by the Senate there's screaming separation there no impeachment hearings scheduled tomorrow but a full slate of witnesses on tap for

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