Weekend Racing Preview - Rosehill & Caulfield


Group one rising everywhere so we're GONNA have contracts Coalfield Josie and Melissa to Sydney with your track report here. We'll stop because obviously it's a great bond. Rising on Saturday Ryo true good full lose hill a little bit of wing North North Easterly which will maintain its look. It's not going to have that much. Impact only fifteen ks but here. I think this is going to be a big advantage on spayed around Rosehill on Saturday and now we get to coalfield on Sunday at six. Mehta's good good for now windy speak of and again I think on Spain is going to be a huge advantage for shoot rices aimed for eight hundred plus the Emma. You've got to be on. I think they're going to be winning. Lots of rices absolutely group one racing tracks. GonNa Cover today but we got to Sydney first because that is the satellite. Let's have a look at the golden rose market. He People Act as your fiber. Currently it's free dollars exceedances sixty yard dash and yes yes yes yes at four hundred fifty. We we go from there. Cube Rick and Castle Vecchio both eleven dollars prints firewall twenty dollars passage twenty-six and others further further Josie the map match really important. I think probably the most important part of this race is a small field and I don't think they going to go fast Yale. Dash I think laid and he is where I think the rise can be one lost because I think maybe we can see at so. I just don't think horses and exceedances even Castle Vecchio had that early Gates Right Speight close enough and you in a slower on rice doesn't matter if you're not too far off them but when you go to host like bb Wack in front of you lost dot ran twenty to one eleven into lost four hundred loss two hundred and they couldn't catch him. I think this is gonNA sit up exactly locked at Yale Dash. Hey can laden. He's going to give a massive run as well as to. I think you're going to clear out and I just think the widest rice is going to be run. It sits up perfectly for BBC wacky got back to his best on the dry track. I think these treacle suit horses on Spe Kobe on with the Godolphin Blue Army to win the Golden R-ariz. Bv Wack Very Good Josie. Do you agree that's good as before no because he writes divert different pressure here. There's any tools is in this race that have won seven for the loans. That's Prince foul was it was terrible. I up and of course Kosovac and I want to talk about Kaseke. I because he's had an unusual preparation Russian coming into this race. He ran over fifteen hundred meters. I up with fifty eight. He got back on a die way. You couldn't really might grand and when he indeed when you go to the outside after being ridden CODA gain a flu and he showed the acceleration that I wanted to see adjust picked on these running saw the last fifty so he comes back an extra hundred meters fights while while like castell Vicki I was because this is a small field josie spike speed dash guy fold and dictate terms terms BIVOUAC with full. Don't pass each go forward and put some pressure on these horses in existence needs to come across us. Don't passage BIVOUAC and sit on those horses. This is a group one. These more pressure is tactical in this small field guy back and Watch Castle Vecchio when he sat when he drew and saw it and he set up on the speed when he when he's group one champagne. Hey Ken seek close. You don't have to draw net where he has to come back in Roy Court. He's only going to be three pays back a set. Nas and close when he want. He's a group one and he saw has run out of the fourteen hundred when he was thirty at to go back in a massive run once again and he has the acceleration tuna foot to seat off these pressure in a group one race ace be close enough this time and pick them apart light dropping back set whites drop from the fifty eight to sit whites a seats closer. He's drone bed up oil blocking and I can't believe the price that we're going to get castaway. Cay Ifa may cause he's proven at this four hundred hundred and he's absorbed this type of pressure group pressure beforehand so i WanNa wrote

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