Weekend Racing Preview: Flemington


Is a great. I love Flemington. Tom Years paying a warm weather build up to us this Saturday and just love white for is rising and it's basically GonNa say some good offices. Dan The strike which we love a Flemington in but Sydney holds the K. doesn't with the epsom the metro flights dykes. She's pretty skinny but the dive into it first things first the track record four Melbourne and Sydney yet Flemington knowing mate is good for you as estee said beautiful conditions may even need to put some irrigation on he goes Thursday thought it was so so it can be a little tricky. Lamai cave superstar who work. I think it'll play fair. I think Tampa Bay the K. but don't be worried. If your horse his three four ward they have a bit of an advantage especially around the circle. They might blending in the office in the middle of the track case. I don't don't be too stressed if your horse his dream because I think why might be okay the strike races with with this Rice's well. It's the best to be close to wide with. The grain stand inside in middle this week. I think will be the plays. They're a little bit of a disadvantage. We go to rain week at three made his good for again. pervy conditions look. I think on spe deploys debate but I think again. It'll be tamed by related. They might come to the middle of the track at some stage but Arkan buys places fairly fan but if you want at Flemington to worry about the Guy Very Josie now. Won't you guys coming in first before we hit up to see me. We're going to have a look at one. We said we're going to cover auto group one rice and this isn't a group is I hot rice. The GILGO stike center at online at tune on he joined by sunlight so a couple of everest horses they Satori Dettori at six fifty. Now we go from the tar dollars on exhauted iding votto silver nineteen does better Martini twenty-three dot rocky twenty seeks on someone thirty five and I will have the pipeline tile at thirty four Vine Street hundred to one Josie the map and guess what we wanted to always is this one or two awards rights or is something that can produce for van sort of that well racing especially in the last couple of weeks. We'll say that there hasn't been one horses awesome to horse races. We've had a couple of hundred to one to win big rice in getting in Black Look David superstar center aligning sunlight. They hard to knock. They're very very good horses. These rights as we always expect these Rice's up the right. They may not do a lot of work in that fourth. I four hundred five hundred six hundred Justice Zippo in the last six hundred minutes. All I am going with volatile silver so I'm going against the top two for sort of no real apparent reason other other than the fact that I'll just mocked him a little bit bigger than what the markets go to both of them not much but just a little bit bigger. Santa Light Up twelve hundred this run and gene sunlight look hard to knock just thought maybe in that guy known who'd be a bit of a tricky spot for us of Goma bottle Suba strong the guy to. I think that more people debate. Benny Mellon goes on so positive engagement day this is also one is from fifteen point in Perth. We know the horses are very good would Beta horse started called Galaxy Star. She is a stock Oregon. It's going to run a really good rice for nine dollars. You can have a play H. Y. Erica reconvene so I might be the spot to Bay Benny Melon and the piece came if you don't know them they're flowing ten from fifty to twenty percent over there. They come here. They were really really good team. They're pretty good. Deployment of the Horses Oregon. It's got the figures to run up Alto. Jacuzzis coat the Perth bog after getting gets off in this pump and added twenty one and thirty one bucks now for me. Cetera of I'd Love Center and I stopped probably needs the Ron Sung honesty stripe third up. How did we get some pennies drums. He's just come fresh from the role of Alvin show how bag you get a jacket lot that is jammed on the Perth Bandwagon. They're absolutely flying and understand that he's got really good figures you first time. Dan The strike or just law but at that price you happy deformed and have something only joie get that Josie and he's got to the speed. He bought a less Silva dauth rocky on someone son lot set an unusual preparation leading to an everest but you'd listen to Tony mcevoy sighing at she hasn't been fit. You needed the run. Not Everything went well in the code he had gone to Rice him between a Winter Moon Valley to give her another another blow out there. He's been coined on on the track and he's using these rices to get back into again of fitness up to a liberal who run a Moon Valley was outstanding on the non because it was controlled robot nitrous. Nash comes back to her best track Flemington down the strike at the new market the lightning. She is just an absolute star these me and she broke one. One nausea ran one. I twenty five when she won the newmarket. That's unbelievable galloping and she gets to free wheel against as a whole on showed I think she dictates terms and controls it and she's got that kicking turn of foot and she finds a gear at Flemington sunlight from me is the one I wanna be riding. Santa Ana lines interesting steady Boise first up weans were and he's first and second preparation. He hasn't won first up since so he normally takes one. This is a really good rice for him to kick off and get ready for an everest because a locks to travel and stimulate the Beagle. She'll be raw for the ever so it'll be charging. Heim sunlight for me. It's worth noting also sixty kilos. CNN aligned but he's so well in compared to the other who was he's just so well graded and somewhat as you mentioned this quick backup backed up two times before when the magic millions and one the Kumo right back yes. I've been up to sixty to ninety five. It was son opened up three dollars out of money. He's starting to count for absolutely and we talk about this preps Vince Benedetto La Jolla or something in front side. I mean this is clearly. Sit Sit for a second what they're very very good art. Let's turn our attention to the turnbull stakes. They have always mystic journey two dollars seventy looking to Mike and Means Mr quickey at four hundred twenty finch as a Yeoman Capos non box hot fifty kings will drain twelve roster Povich at thirteen very very elegant fourteen dollars trump for fools twenty. Three Bucks can lead the Hawaii State Kentucky Braves at twenty seven dollars Josie. I'll let you pick it up from he the map and how we're going to take one apart you note a Lotta spayed here. I would think a host like Kentucky braise on the backup. It's hot and feet. They should row four and track for foods. We know he's an my hero forward but there's not a lot of speed. I think finch confirmed probably late his back K. W. Day can probably get one one on the time now with I should go forward with that horse. What's mystic journey. I think she's probably going to be posted three war and as I stated in the preview probably not too much of an issue especially because I don't think they're gonNA go overly hod and I think she's the one to seventy in the market as you mentioned wally she's to forty so I think it's a good bit with her. I know she guys two thousand made us for the first time third OP. I recognise is going to be a pay. Run the coax bike but I know that I think this will be a performance without prep. She won the stray. Guineas was sort of a soft tone. She sprinted home. I think it's sort of the Roy sort of set up for her to get two thousand maters look. She ran really well. It's just getting absolutely through the roof in the mcabe. They win two seconds. She couldn't do any more than that so it's a perfect platform nail for to get a two-thirds of maters if he's going to run it. I think the rice suits it. Don't be too worried about or mapped Warburg. I don't think that's an issue I think she's that we are a contract for fools run a massive bryce Oregon if he goes faster than what he did lost out on the backup. He's been sensational on the quick backup before Perth. He can run well bought Music shoop society got or if you got something else I wanna say Mystic Mystic Journey a lover and wish the all the very best and there's nothing wrong with Iran last dot with the gap sick and up about getting better getting fouled at wife why I wanted to say getting again for me to be really counting on mystic journey to run the mall and a quarter for the first time stuck in a wide guide fighting the breeze a little bit slow speed paid Justice Cutler question. She's not the one on one of Rodney's one Rawdon is the warhorse nominees age and it's hard to know what you got to vowed back at Flemington and just couldn't make grammys to quickey finished beside him and just went past him and then a coalfield the other die he was close. He zoomed up in behind him. He's awesome looking for two thousand and I love the backup. He's a Flemington holes but the reason I want. Rodman see strong guy. It's nice but he can jump land out saw Italy. He can jump land one eight one back. He's going to have that breeze going to have that cleary to roll into the rice on his own terms and really look the winner at this stage. He's fit and I can trust him and he's around. What what is he the place he's around thirty to forty to sixty and wants to mystic journey to Noni uh he's GonNa. Look Win MIC Journey. We'll come and troy and go with him. At some stage Mr Quick. He's gotTa give grant and comeback in a small field is drawing Levin. We want to say it again. From Mr quickey was the catcher in the sports world black booker you can from it finch. Mom Album couples absolutely absolutely humming and there are side. Could he be a blow it just getting the Bauxite lucky did when he won last dot and just Gallup out well at Flemington. It's good test Takata Flemington for the first time I ever Molin as he warmed up to amalgam cap a loving but it's hot no little WANNA rod in the

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