Explainer 189: Why are Ethiopia and Egypt fighting about water?


The weeds Nobil Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for twenty nine hundred to Ethiopia Prime Minister I'll be off mid Arlene Nabil Prize for peace is a considerable Accolade It bestows not mealy immense Gravitas but a fortune in political capital upon its recipient this is especially useful the recipient is as two thousand nineteen recipient Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed is an ambitious reform seeking to forge progress in different Colt and unstable environment will discussing how to change the political landscape and how mixed upcoming election democratic free and the battle of the previous well there is however a downside to life as a freshly ennobled Nobel Peace laureate which is that it somewhat circumscribes your options visa the wielding of military force releasing doves whilst rattling your Saber is an unwieldy maneuver to accomplish simultaneously such is the conundrum currently contemplated by rb Ahmed in between polishing his acceptance speech prior to flying to Oslo collect fees Nobel Gong in December Ahmed has been hissing increasingly thinly-veiled menaces towards Egypt at issue is a dam which Ethiopia is building across the Nile and which Egypt would prefer if you didn't being on the project known as the Grand Ethiopian Danz damn has been a dream of Ethiopia's since long before amid became prime minister in April last year it would be Africa's largest hydro Electric plants work began on the site in two thousand and eleven is currently scheduled for completion in two thousand and twenty one and would be potentially transfer formative for Ethiopia development it is costing the thick end or five billion US dollars and is being built by the Italian firm Cellini Impregillo the gypped however is less enthused Egypt is down river of Ethiopia and depends on the Nile for roughly ninety percent of its fresh water and even on current form is anticipating serious water shortages by two thousand and twenty five. Cairo fears that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Could Sir if it's a boot heel on the hose which irrigates it Egypt's two previous regimes under Mohammed Mossy and Hosni Mubarak both muttered military sounding threats the dumbs direction Egypt's current tyrant Abdel Fattah El Sisi has sounded content to tread a diplomatic path so far appear has not seemed especially interested in Egypt's concerns no force mid has sullenly warned can stop Ethiopia from building a Dam them if there is a need to go to war we could get millions readied this was pretty bracing chat from someone recently garlanded by the Nabil Committee his efforts to achieve peace and International Corporation panic is not the proper response just yet however it is really not the case that war between Ethiopia and Egypt is likely nor is it clear how war between Ethiopia and Egypt would even work geography enthuse I will be aware that these antagonists are separated by the not inconsequential buffer of Sudan and geopolitics buffs will know that Sudan is hopefully in the process of transition from government quite like Egypt's to one more like Ethiopia's Cairo may be struggling for an ally on this one even Sudan recently overthrown dictatorship was broadly supportive of the Damn egypt-us spent several years negotiating with Ethiopia and Sudan attempting to rowing at a resolution of the grand chief European Relations Damn conundrum with which everyone can live but no such compromise has been reached and as is the usual way of such impasses everyone insists that this is everyone else's fault Egypt has suggested inviting a fourth party intermediary and the United States has invited the foreign ministers of the three countries concerned to a summit in Washington DC as we go to air only Cairo has ours. repeat in the affirmative even if no blows are exchanged over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Events will merit close observation it would be a great boon worthy of another Nobel prize indeed if a framework for negotiating water disputes between countries could be assembled on a he Ching Drawing Planet. This will not be the last such conflict monocle twenty four. antisemitic.

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