The absolute BEST noise-canceling headphones of 2019


Beats by Dre a has a new set of headphones that of power beats pro there to fifty dollars and they're over here they are independent of each other and they have an incredible sound quality I tested them out a few people on our team tested them out and they they're great noise canceling they have great bass it's it's a really good sound system I think comfy they're very comfortable they write they they rest on your ears they don't tan interior right interiors the way that some do you can wear them for a long time we really like and we tested a bunch so well and what's interesting is just to remind people as you know apple and beats are together and so you kind of get the best of both worlds here and I do think a lot of our listeners and viewers don't go in for it like the big over here they can yeah hands and you know what something is a little more so and these are waterproof or is it like from a yeah there's no way you can go swimming with them but yeah that you can get him pretty well but the cost the cost soon

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