Mexican Cooking Show, 'From My Ranch To Your Kitchen,' Is YouTube Hit


This message comes from NPR sponsor xfinity some things are slow like a snail races other things are fast like Xfinity X. by get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make WIFI simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply a new Mexican cooking show has turned into a smash hit it features a grandmother cooking simple recipes in her kitchen in a little over two months she's gotten more within a million subscribers on Youtube NPR's Carrie Kahn has the story the Cook is sixty nine year old Dagnon Cala and her youtube show show from my ranch to your kitchen is shot it or farm home in Michoacan Mexico complete with chickens fruit trees and a rustic kitchen Alami nauseous every video starts with her sweet silos hello my people good morning this day she's making breakfast she starts to a sweet coffee cafe they they oh yeah brewed in a clay pot or fire fed stove covered with a traditional griddle or Komal into the PAT goes water a cinnamon stick unrefined sugar chunks or Pilon CEO and instant coffee next she roasts chillis tomatoes for a spicy sauce served over scrambled eggs and fresh hot Tortilla she makes by hand in many videos also known Yankel reminds as many of their Mexican I will lead their grandma her jet Black Harris tied in a long pony tail you never see her without her apron on and our cooking style is unpretentious unpretentious like in this video making chicken and Molay Saas you're not following me maybe I don't use Benjamin measurements I just grabbed with my finger she says while also apologizing for the loud rain my house is covered with a tin roof she says Dona analysts simplicity has endeared her to many like fifty year old TERRESA Rodriguez stepping out of a busy Mexico City metro station we'll see neck on she cooks with Karen with love food cooked without it isn't any good she says Rodriguez niece turned her onto onto the youtube videos since last August the cooking show has racked up more than a million and a half subscribers some of our videos topped two million views despite her internet fame though she shuns publicity NPR tried for weeks to reach out through her social media accounts without success she does respond onto critical comments though like those claiming she's being manipulated by greedy family members or that our kitchen is dirty with soot from the burning firewood and it also don't pay any attention to those criticizing out there it's all just gossips as Dona Manila. She says her daughter and son-in-law shoot and upload the videos and she's having a great time all my Gosh I think she's amazing Patty Hitch who hosts patties Mexican table on PBS Love Everything About Dona Alcoholic Style and I love that she has a blender he knit says she's often criticized about using a blender like like it's only authentic when a sauces pureed in a traditional Mocha headey the Mexican stone mortar and Pestle we Mexicans Lover Blender and he's just that's a fantastic and nobody is accusing dona of not being the real deal for Maceio as she tastes her eggs and chili sauce the video catches her vehicle as she refers to her husband also down this is so good she says that she signs off with author signature audio's your Peres Talal shortfall communities found Miranshah Article Fina I made you all the simple but delicious food from my ranch to your Kitchen Carrie Kahn.

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