Maple Leafs Star Mitch Marner out at Least 4 Weeks


Leafs without Mitch. Marna right now. He's going to be gone for a month after he got kind of tripped up off of center ice face off and mocked up his ankle. So that is going to be a big mess for the leafs who are just playing okay this year or is it or is it. You know. They're not they're not doing that. Great Steve with all this talent it so I'm not saying whatever bench him but like the leaves aren't they're not doing what they were expected to. Oh God no no. You'RE GONNA Invest Thirty four four million three guys. You're kind of expecting the world a lose tonight to the New York islanders five to four Toronto's record nine seven and in four so that actually lost more games than they've won with the kind of payroll they have shame. Shame right now. They're holding onto the second wildcard in there by a point as we record this Sousa Recording and I noticed that Toronto is out of a playoff spot. That's the return of the Blue Team. Elimination Watch don't you

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