Repeat offender faces new charges after siphoning gas at car dealership


Of Ferndale man has been arrested for siphoning gas at Bellingham car dealership little did he know though he was being recorded this call was Patrick Quinn thirty nine year old Travis straight out watching county jail under suspicion of malicious mischief and third degree theft surveillance footage help catch this criminal any police believed straight siphon gas from free range Rovers and one Silverado truck breaking the fuel sensors on some leading to more than six thousand dollars worth of damage for GM Riyadh Yousef to make you feel violated right is your business and it's kind of like your home here all the time so it is for someone to come out and and try to take from you it's just insane straight was on the loose for a few weeks until according to Bellingham police on Monday he wound up in jail arrested by another agency committing a separate crime that's when he was sort of the charges for the crime scene at the car

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