The Ferocity of the Gargoyle


Morning sun signaled sold the end for those that were condemned the jailer lined up the prisoners checking that their chains were secure before the Bishop. This ship arrived. It had rained the night before the stone gargoyles protruding from the nearby. Church dripped black water from its gaping mouth a grotesque sight but for these prisoners it was also a symbol of hope of potential Dole Salvation. The bishop arrived and went inside the church to pray while the executioner insured that the chopping block was secure for the prisoners side. The dark bloodstains left by the countless men who had lost their heads over that wooden stump. The bishop emerged from the Church Bible in hand. He moved along the men he offered each of them their last rites and the chance to confess their sins before their time on this earth head ended the bishops stopped at the last prisoner owner. He stood taller than the others and his eyes sparkled. With a strange fire he had not yet been broken by the stagnant purgatory of imprisonment. That one the bishop said drawing a finger over the man's forehead without a word word. The guards moved and released the man they gave him fresh clothes. Sturdy boots a bag of supplies and coin and sent sent him on his way. The released prisoner thanked the bishop for his kindness and swore that he would earn his salvation. As as the exonerate made his way out of the village he stopped once more to consider the gargoyles mounted over the church. It was because of that Garg Oil. And it's kind that he had been offered his freedom he would never forget it.

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