Public opinion shifting in support of impeachment inquiry


Steve the impeachment bandwagon seems to be a bandwagon seems to be rolling along it do you think the house will impeach this president. probably yes but I'm not sure that because let's be very clear what they've done they started an impeachment inquiry the the the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi is very aware. of the political risks here and very leery of the political risks which are considerable in my view there's a new CBS poll out this morning it's a fifty five percent of Americans favor starting an inquiry but only forty two percent at this point favor impeaching the president that tells me it would be extremely divisive. impeachment at its core as a concept is very radical you have to overturn the results of the previous election abscess why it's never happened in our entire history Richard Nixon probably would have been impeached if he stayed in office but apart from that one example yeah and and and it's much more legitimate much more plausible much more frequent to deny a president the second term at the ballot box you happen to George Bush happen to Jimmy Carter happened Gerald Ford so. I think the democratic leadership is very aware are they going to move slowly here and but one of the reasons why they started the impeachment inquiry yes the the the Ukrainian example seems to be easier to understand easier to explain to the public but I think the real reason as defense of extremely frustrated with good reason by the stonewalling tactics at that by this White House they won't produce documents they won't testify they won't answer questions Democrats strategy is if you put impeachment in front of this inquiry it strengthens your hand to give you a lot more of a serious purpose including with federal judges who in the end they're gonna make a lot of the decisions about whether the produce these documents and I think that's at least they're short to mid term strategy is to use the impeachment inquiry to a nurse evidence that they can then use politically against the president in the campaign next year but Steve if she brings us to the brink of impeachment and then pulls back I mean the the hardcore left in the party is going to be furious with her will they not. yeah I mean that's a real risk and let's remember that the one of the reason one of the many many races Hillary Clinton lost in two thousand and sixteen was the disillusionment of the of the Sanders wing of the party right twenty percent to Bernie Sanders voters did not vote for Hillary Clinton according to a very good academic study they voted for trump they didn't they voted for third parties like the Green Party why they didn't vote at all and if you follow that pattern and dissolution the hardcore left it's gonna make it a lot harder to be Donald Trump the ballot box so she has a lot of choices most of which are. filled with a lot of risk. Steve the democratic talking points here on this impeachment process is trump asks the head of Ukraine do me a favor investigate by that's the simple approach to they want to take how do you see the trump White House countering that I got a hint of it this morning I saw Bernie Kerik on fox he is now calling the whistle blower of Colbert operator who is trying to state part of a coup attempt on this presents a how do you see the trunk White House fighting back here. well I think that that's definitely part of the argument you know trump himself is said I need to confront my will the whistle blower he's he's raised that that that whistle blowers a spy yes said that with the you know he keeps throwing the word treason around so I think they're going to try as they did with Robert Muller to totally discredit the investigation to you know to try to discredit Mahler it's a closet Democrat and and and and a partisan and they're gonna try to do exactly the same thing this is a this is a very clear pattern of trumped trying to discredit of anybody who is an independent fact finder he's done that with the media he's done it with federal judges he's done it with weather forecasters he's right I mean this is a very very clear pattern of anybody who is an independent fact finder trying to deny their legitimacy plus I think by using words like cool and deep state and conspiracy this is all designed to stir up his base his strategy is very clear he's not reaching beyond space if you look at the at the CBS poll thirty six percent of Americans say under no circumstances should trump be impeached that is almost precisely what his bases I've studied it very carefully his face is about thirty seven percent. it doesn't take a mathematical genius to figure out the it's hard to win an election with thirty seven percent of the vote so he's got to get every single one of those votes he's got to maximize the intensity of the turn out that all this talk about conspiracies and deep stated it is so much I at the heart of trump's appeal which is see I told you they're all out to get me they're all out to get you they're all out to get us all right ABC news political analyst Steve Roberts good to have you back with the Steve

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