Apple's App Store allows 'unwanted sexual behavior,' report says


Run apple says its app store is a safe and trusted place however the Washington post is discovered fifteen hundred reports of unwanted sexual behavior on six apps some of them targeting minors technology reporter read upper godi spoke about this with commas bill o'neil read that appears to be a large number just how widespread is this problem it is a pretty large number I think when you when you think you know each of those instances probably represents a lot more actual cases and either people who took the time to write reviews and actually point out some of its bad behavior on the app and and there are a lot of apps we only looked at fiction mean there are dozens of these random chat apps so I think the problem is is actually pretty widespread do these apps do anything or have any policies that might be aimed at preventing this kind of thing apple actually requires these apps to have policies that some sort of content moderation where users can flag inappropriate conduct but the problem is these companies are very small there only a few people so they're really relying on software tools to handle that for them and it doesn't always work out so well if you read the review the lot of them claimed that they tried to block people it happened or you know flag inappropriate conduct and nothing has really changed so we heard anything at all from apple as to what they might be doing in addition to tried to deal with the situation said that a review every app which is true and they reject about forty percent of them but they're not actually taking any steps to all of these things off of the apps store at least not yet the view this is a problem that the after delivers themselves should deal with it they should moderate the content that is eighteen that's really happening speaking with read our gaudy from The Washington Post read at some point you have to think that the courts and government might step into something like this I mean we already have laws on the books that try to protect minors online there's the cop a law that limits what soccer Beltre's can do allow but you know I think the real issue here is your apple ID out their marketing their their apps store at the place it's safe for kids they say that they will take drastic steps to pull down content or you know stop apps from working especially when when there are kids involved so I think it's what we have here is really just a contrast between what apple is saying publicly and what they're actually doing there what were you actually see on the app store and going forward it appears again the onus is really on parents to make sure their kids are staying safe parents should be very careful about what their kids are doing in there I phoned by the way are the most popular phone for teens there's a Piper Jaffray report that said from able to trade eighty three percent of the team hi how and compared to android and I think there I think some parents kind of get lulled into a false sense of security that you know and it's an app it had a certain age rating that fate and we're seeing and that's really not the case one of these out he had been approved for eight twelve plus rating but if you pay the reviews there is sexual content all over the place on this app that's technology reporter read Albert godi read more online at washingtonpost

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