Disney Animation Chief Jennifer Lee Is The Queen Behind Elsa And Anna


Just when you thought you had pushed it out of your consciousness it's back manager. Danny that of course is the theme song from frozen. The movie was a massive. Hit the Disney film long-held the crown as the highest grossing animated movie worldwide frozen was written and Co directed by Jennifer Lee who has since been named Walt Disney animation studios chief creative officer the first woman to hold such a position during the making making of frozen to. NPR's Elizabeth Blair sent some time. Spent some time with her in frozen to water. Air Fire and earth are important to the story so he's the wind in the movie the characters call her gail sometimes. She's he's playful and sometimes she's angry. We played a little louder in a windowless room at the Disney animation studios in Burbank. Supervising sound editor Odin. Benny test test plays the different wind. Sounds for a group of people working on the film including Jennifer Lien and her co director. Chris Buck because she blasts that. That tree tree limb away from Ana. That's gale goes your the magic and Gail starts to go around Elsa and then spits the others out. This kind of collaboration goes on on for just about every aspect of an animated Disney movie says Jennifer Lea and you go shot by shot moment by moment frame by frame and discuss everything everything from the emotion to the effects to the camera. The first frozen was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale the snow queen one of the heroines. Elsa has magical powers she can make ice and snow in a split second for inspiration for the new movie Lee and a team from Disney traveled to Norway Finland and Iceland wasted on a glacier for the first time really hit us. What would elsa feel standing here? The glacier it's a thousand feet deep is thousand years old it's of nature completely and something she would probably be so connected to and we realized is sort of the mythic round her power. That opened up the story to be something even bigger for us. That's something begins as a secret. Siren that calls astounds.

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