2 Giuliani associates connected to Ukraine probe arrested — live updates


Big breaking news story today because there was at least one day to foreign business associates of Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani have been charged with a scheme to route foreign money into US elections this according to a newly unsealed indictment their names are alleged Parnis and eager fruman they were arrested last night at Dose International Airport as they attempted to leave the country and what we learned from the the FBI's announced in today is they were in the possession of a one way ticket out of the country interesting by the way they lunch yesterday in DC with Rudy Giuliani I wonder who tipped them off about the indictment I'm guessing someone's going to investigate that someone tipped them off because they were getting ready to flee the country just saying they have been under investigation by the US attorney his office in Manhattan and they were in court in Virginia today actually I the last I checked before we came on the air the judge had said something along the lines of okay so the judge is holding them over oh they're so every time I look on twitter there's more stuff like this Chuck Schumer said there are now new reports very troubling that the two Giuliani Associates are being indicted on criminal charges by the Southern District of New York Giuliani has been involved to his neck in this entire mess he has an obligation to testify under growth so he can be asked questions okay Rebecca Ball Haas from the Wall Street Journal says Rulli Rudy Giuliani tells the Wall Street Journal that they were headed to Vienna for business reasons year right he says they've traveled there between three and six times in the last two months and that he was scheduled to me with them and they were turned in the coming days then why didn't they have a return ticket you know by an open ended ticket if you don't know when you're coming back just saying the judge I guess was deciding on bail or or something yeah I mean every almost every tweet I feed is about them let me go back to the indictment according to the indictment parnis fruman and other defendants conspired to circumvent the Federal Laws Against Barn influence by engaging in a scheme to funnel foreign money to candidates for federal office so that the defendants could buy potential influ silence with them the indictment says partisan fruman committed to raising twenty thousand dollars or more in two thousand eighteen for a quote then sitting US congressman well we'll identify that person in moment from whom they also sought help in removing the US ambassador to Ukraine who is removed not too long ago by the trump administration she's the one who supposed to be testifying tomorrow but although she's no longer the US ambassador Ukraine and she's still works for the State Department therefore their prohibition on anyone cooperating with Congress will probably come into play but of course they haven't said what's going to happen tomorrow yet anyway back to the indictment Fruman donated twenty seven hundred dollars to this congressman identified in the indictment has congressman one and also gave in Parnassus name both of them donated to Dallas area were public representative Pete Sessions who actually lost in twenty eighteen and is trying to make a comeback in in a waco based district and is believed to be congressman one as referenced in the indictment that would be pete sessions no relation to although they seem to share the same amount of brain cells to simplify Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut tweeted out let's be clear about what just happened the two russian-born ringleaders of the Ukraine scandal just got arrested for making hundreds of thousands of dollars of illegal contributions to trump's really Shen F. Y. I. None of this is on the level so that's what that's what Chris Murphy said here's Bill Sweeney he's the assistant director of the FBI's New York field office in their little press announcement of the indictment just about an hour ago last night at Washington does International Airport the FBI live in Eagle on campaign finance related charges as they attempted to leave the United States Andre Kukushkin was arrested in San Francisco shortly thereafter David Korea the fourth individual charged in today's indictment is in our custody campaign finance dance laws exists for a reason the American people expect and deserve an election process that has not been corrupted by the influence of foreign interest and the public has a right to know the true source of campaign contributions laws make up the fabric of who we are as a nation these allegations are not about some technicality a civil violation or an error on a form this investigation is about corrupt behavior deliberate lawbreaking you hear that the FBI takes the obligation tackle corruption seriously there are no exceptions to this rule we gather evidence we collect facts and we will act on them when appropriate as Jeff mentioned our investigation will continue the investigation will continue so that's the official word from the FBI now I recorded this update from NBC News a few hours ago things may have changed since then but this is Tom Winter on the arrest of these to what you know all the news reports are identifying them as russian-born they are but from what I can gather what I understand is they're both American citizens now according to the indictment outer about may or in June of two thousand eighteen partisan firm and the two people that were talking about committed to raise twenty thousand dollars more for them sitting US congressman identified as congressman number one in addition to that they were going to raise some funds here I'm just going to kind of skim through this As far as another account that he had at around the same time foreignness infirm and committed to raising those funds for Congressman Parnasse met with Congressman one in soccer Congressman's assistance in causing the government to remove or recall the then US ambassador to Ukraine parties efforts to remove the ambassador were conducted at least in part at the request of one or more Ukrainian government officials moreover in an effort to reach their contribution commitment to congressman one of their political goals in about June two thousand eighteen after Framingham already made the maximum seventy twenty seven hundred dollar contribution a congressman one paid for another minimum twenty seven hundred contract Asian to congressman that was made in reported in Parnassus name essentially what we're talking about here is that these people were donating directly in illegally into a den sitting US Congressperson lovely clear if that person is still in Congress they're not identified in the court papers in order to remove a recall the bastard or something that actually did occur dishes that they describe how money came from a foreign national through these men as part of their conspiracy it'd be donated to those political causes mentioned before as you stated both are expected to appear in court later today I'm just going through the indictment now it's twenty one page and diepen that's been handed up and has just become unsealed that's why we have a copy of it this is now the second time that a foreign national or foreign nationals have been able to you basically flow of money through US persons into a political account or campaign account or some sort of a grow president trump fund that's Tom Winners from NBC News since that a report there's been more developments just just coming one after another after another here's a couple a kaitlan collins of CNN tweeted the US Attorney said the three hundred and twenty five thousand dollar donate shen get that amount that partisan firm and made to committee one I think that's congressman one it should have been one of the largest donations it had received CNN has ident- Oak Committee CNN has identified that committee as America first action it's chaired by Linda McMahon the former head of the small business administration oh I didn't realize she was already out okay then Rudy Giuliani's indicted UK Ukraine henchman gave thousands of dollars to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Oh and the dragnet gets wider and wider lovely there's all kinds of stuff empty wheel our friend Marcy Wheeler tweeted so three days ago doubt he's the attorney represent joining these two guys who used to be trump's attorney member the Chunky Guy Anyway three days ago dowd says Parnasse and Fruman won't testify then the White House releases Cipriani's letter that a page letter refusing to cooperate and DOJ says USB Nixon was wrongly decided then Rudy lunches with the accused criminals then they try to flee the country oh what a tangled web we weave yeah

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