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McGee Jay Brennan and Dave Greg Good Morning the hard act to follow right there well. I think you're up to it and much like we did with Jay. Hey we didn't get a chance to talk last week. Day I saw some of your thoughts on paper and on twitter but quick hit from last weekend the Jockey Club Gold Cup Diku and everything that came with it didn't agree with the call but that's par par for the course for me and the stewarts here good rates by both horses of Abu kind of the call takes away from the performance of both you know Roseville in sort of honor. I thought it was Kinda. Overshadowed what how well they ran I thought it was in solid effort. You know Roy Moore your skin and people give them credit for so he's tactical enough that you're going to go back to the race. In California that he won he was four why but right up on the pace so he can be he can play from the start and still finish finish which is a good thing for him to have going into the classic and Code of honor you know stepped up against a couple of quality older horses and and still continues to show improvement as Shug shoveling transfer your kid and I'm glad they didn't go into stuff. it'll it'll spice it up a bit very much and we talked to show yesterday what turned into a was supposed to be a you know. Tell us about the decision ten minutes turned into forty because because show and you can talk about the current horses and then you can talk about his Breeders Cup record you know he's he's run horses in the Classic Eight Times. He's got two seconds and third and I asked him if he thought you know this was as good or the best one of the best chances that he's had in a classic and he kind of feels it is I think so in part because he's got a quality improving horse and in part because I don't see a real stand out in the division there you know I I was even if Mackenzie had one last week is still affected him at a mile and a quarter. I think come back with a pack a little bit and now I think he's you know emit commit pack there. I you know he he he was not impressive last week and and right now he doesn't have a jockey so that could be a hindrance so I I think the the you know I I think the visual the classic is releasing. My is right now pretty wide open well it it certainly enhances the classic and we got some. Jay's thoughts will also wait for some other news in decisions. Tacitus you know who I could send as many as three with a late and Yoshida. We'll see what the tacitus call is but have you talk to Jimmy later in the week about preservationists. I don't think the preservation and the clock berry good yeah. I kind of. They were Iffy iffy. Even before we got through the jockey there pretty traditional people. You Know Oh you go to the classic going for a good race. You don't go you don't travel cross country now. It's in your own backyard. Maybe maybe say okay. I'm hearing but the put him on. A plane ain't off that race. just doesn't make any sense to me and. I'm not sure what it was tales right now. I wouldn't be surprised if maybe they they just you know. Have you know conclude are dealing. Just say thank you. Thank you for the memories. They were well some other thoughts thoughts about the weekend the the two year old swept by Chad Brown and not necessarily by Chad Brown surfers Dave that were all that highly regarded regarded coming into the early fall. It looks selflessly ran a decent race when she got in her debut. She was a bit why she was just what about a half length behind her stablemate and you know. She got a very nice trip. The other day and you know you beat a field that I didn't necessarily I think was seller but that didn't necessarily like her either so I can't you know I'm not saying that I choose my choice but look it's very you know. Handicapping is hard art. When it comes to the Grillo it's simple to spend on Chad Brown. It just just do it. Does it seven and eight. I've never seen I've Nev- I don't know of any race that he may be bad for our security security and and and dumb or something that just a guy dominates the race like Chad Brown at least in New York dominates the race Jeff Brown dominates the Mus Grill and just you know next year when it comes. I'm just circle the Chad. He's got more the ones at about boxing and you'll walk out with a little more money so any payment structure solid rates you know. I I liked about structure that he showed you different dimension in the first race. It was a slow pace. He was up on it and then he finished and then they got a bit of a faster pace and close close so you like versatility show. I need to know more about what else is in that race before. I say an annoying Kim and enter a the you know a victory in the Breeders Cup Juvenile Turpin juvenile fillies served interesting I said they were aware of it at the time but selflessly not nominated to the Breeders Cup now looks set clemens got that money hidden in his closet somewhere so he can easily put up the supplementary see but it it was a weird kind of a strange thing maybe just crack but be supplemented for the raiders stuff to run and I'm sure she will do well. beyond the two year old stakes stakes midnight zoo in the Belle Dame and got you got you got her legs stretched and did what was necessary. The race as that ended up surprising to some degree aside from everything that went on in the Gold Cup four Horsfield in that Vosper that ended up being really exciting and forensic fire and imperial put on some show down the stretch cool horses you know he's still still Harvard have trouble taking that race threatens fire and last year the parts race horse averaged one the rate just a cool towards I mean that's a super cool horse right there in so small but he's got such big hardy so fast and you know I think they call it a little bit adviser prize when Friends Fire Collared Him and he still had something more to offer and he gave it to him and you know maybe maybe hard race before the Breeders Cup will help him in the Breeders Cup opposed to a couple of cakewalks that he had especially last year Vosper. You just walked around there and now last year Frears Cup. Chances may have been compromised the fact that he just doesn't run it and go to Churchill downs I mean I think he's on there three times. The probably three worst races throughout the worst rates is I thought he may well enough to del Mar a few years ago when he was in the Mitch Breeders Cup and second. I believe but maybe there's hard rates will help him. battle tough because it's a tough rate expensive very very competitor's. Maybe one or better rates on the car to the totally and chance a lot on you know. I guess you have to see what Omaha beach that rates for tomorrow how he runs. A and B what they use it for work. the the the sprint has potential to come up here one of the best races on the card and I think that race will have imperial head registered. Well turn our attention attention to tomorrow and there's a lot there's a lot of intriguing match-ups paper going into Saturday at and there's actually a nice set races on Sunday with the thirty the flower bowl in the present. We gotta start with Champagne and a green light. Go Ah to forego the hopeful. After the track was a a a slop. I don't blame Jimmy Jerkins at all for taking that route however he comes into the champagne now having to go a mile and there are at least is three others that are are major players here not the least of which is Barkley tag and Saka Toga the last time they had a two year old like like this. They kept funny side against New York breads until going to Florida for the holy bull this time they're going to go for an early open company opportunity the and it's at the highest level the first thing. I want to say that this race is there is a major scratching the race three technique. Jeremiah texted me this morning and I put it up on twitter a little while although has a lung infection and we'll come out of the race and I thought he was a significant player in the field so it's down to six source field going at that. Tis The law law you know of course is very impressive. Beating New York reds first time out had shin issue that Barkley took care of list about three weeks total of training but it's gotten back in I saw I saw at least two if not all three of his three of his works here and they're very solid workout you just wonder if the layoff going a mile with the one rate is going to happen ready to do it now. The layoff is very similar to green like oh the day difference so it's not that sort of balances out but green go with tested in stakes company and also has races opposed to one and I just like I just really liked it. I I don't know what he's going to become. I don't know how far is GONNA WANNA run but I just like the way both starts getting solid well built for uh-huh hardy type of horse who just has a great hind end you know where the power generated from and I think like the mile and beyond and I think this has a moment for Jimmy. Sake that the horses say how down and continue on the campaign Jimmy. He says out born whatever that might be but I think it'd be awful strongest training like that rate.

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