35 Years of Wrestlemania Book Review


We're back with the WWE thirty five years of Wrestlemainia book by our Good Buddy Brian Shield and the we got this from the wonderful people over decay publishing so thank you very much for sending this to us because well this is well worth the read and the flip through and just to absorb all the knowledge because this gorgeous book covers thirty five years of Wrestlemainia. You have some gorgeous pictures in here. You have some gorgeous stories in here and you have lots of take her. There's so much undertaker in this book. I'm so happy the build up history to twenty they wanna know and then it skips the Johnson versus per year for some reason yeah twenty one and then they just stopped right there there. Never nothing else happened and that's it. That's the end of it right there if nothing else happened if you really if you read the book th-. There may be more maybe that maybe more yeah yeah no kidding. There's plenty. There's plenty more but now they can still be in denial over many years mile for the rest of her life. This has a some nice awesome pictures throughout the Bo- you get some nice little rhinos about every single match backstories on all the matches and how they came together for every single Russell in so we can pick them random muscle. Maybe you can find out about let's say just flipped to Russell Twenty six you you can learn about cody. Rhodes anywhere in deviancy. The attendance figures get the handled entire card. It's pretty cool. You get look at. Some of the tickets. were put out for events different. Thanks for everything. It's a really cool book. I mean you can say this metal books. They're always well put together the very they are very colorful. They stand out and the best of all they're. They're always always easy reads. They are because they have some wonderful writers over there. Decay say you'll go brian go but just to kind of give you the official the official little readout on this book it chronicles every match and key moments across wrestlemanias history history and it's you're up to date guide on to be action both in the ring and behind the scenes. That's pretty coal and you know it allows. Wb Feigns to re we live or in some cases discover the most exciting matches celebrity appearances and controversies in the Vince storied history the key matches of every wrestlemainia are explored in depth with spectacular full color photographs of unforgettable moments vital stats and quotes from WBZ superstars and you know get ready for the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment and that's it and as if that isn't enough ladies and gentlemen there's more now there's more oh my God there's more because as if a book about Wrestlemainia isn't great enough they happened to get a Ford from Mr Wrestlemainia himself the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels. He has a little nice little few things to say about the greatest event in sports entertainment in this book as well which is pretty cool. PRU So have the book open. I'm on page sixty four eighty four. She's like I'm on page. Eighty four right and it's interesting you you mentioned trump right. There's a shot at him. In Razor Ramon in the missile Metro Russell mainly attendant here and they love the shot they took because knowing the match knowing how transpires is where Shawn's climbing up ladder and this moment moments before a full moon. Oh okay all right so it's like he's about to pull the pull on Sean and pulled down his tights and you see the full moon. You don't see the full moon here you know working prophecy the full moon it just one of those memories. Let's like Oh. I remember that spot what wait wait so for Wrestlemainia twelve okay they had. OJ Simpson's Bronco there yeah yeah yeah yeah it was it was a whole do between between gold us and Roddy Piper Hollywood match back on match. It started with the the the recreation of the chase. okay all right. y'All got you now. I just happened to see the White Bronco and I'm like wait C. C. You learn things you'll learn things reading this book so everybody should check this out. Go pick it up. It's available at all. You're fine. Local booksellers is everywhere. It's also available on Amazon. Dot Com as well so please go support this book support our friends at decay amd Brian Shields because you know he's an award winning author there and he deserves all the things because he's a super awesome guy and also support the team behind Brian 'cause they're super awesome people's well. We can't forget the writing staff to and the designers and everybody else that that made this book possible so thank you very much everybody that was involved in this book because it's fabulous is also book as she said go check it out also got her mentioned the Miller. He's the author of this book. Go check him out on social. Go Check Brian Shields out on social. Tell Me Love the bug. Tell me about the book show pictures holding up the book saying. Hey I've bought it tangled in the photos and all that fun stuff going. Tell them we sent you. We send you as well but are in advance. If anybody actually does it that'd be awesome if like everybody that her that did that and they're Schwimmer's blew up and they're like wait. What what the racks sent them. Wha Anyway so yeah go out the book right now. All fine books was everywhere her for us.

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