John White Suggests You Stay in Your Lane


John White joining US good morning morning. Sleep for me when I was a kid was long acres. That was the place to be so That's that's an interesting story there. I wanted to weigh in on this gold up at Belmont and I I was texting with a friend within seconds after the race 'cause he texted me itself. What do you think and before they even put up the a your objection or inquiry and I said well I said I thought that Vino Rosso ran a good race and he seems to be a curling improving with age like a fine wine that I added in my text to him. I said but I said there could be a D. Q. Here and I said that without obviously having seen the head on what I then also texted him 'cause he. He texted back and said really and I said yes might be the Q. I said in New York they pretty much. Let them play more than anywhere these days but this could be the queue so I was on the same page ages you in terms of if you if you go by the recent past history there you're really not expecting a D Q so they might see the head on several times. I was watching the Fox broadcast which I've said many times that is such an outstanding broadcast and they showed and then after a while they were showing with the lanes and I mean look Vino came out not once not twice ice three times he there. was there a bump. No I wouldn't even never say there was a bump but there's like contact and as you pointed out Steve I'm being hurting. I loved your comparison in terms of being on the road in your car when the car in the lane next next to you starts coming into your lane. What do you do? I mean 'cause I used that same analogy a lot of times as has a steward myself in something else when I've been stewart by self that I've told jockeys looked the more you stay straight in race Jason. I and I told them in fact I mean I told Rubin Twenties this at Los Alamos when I was in the stand for the last week of that thoroughbred herb red meat in the summer. I said Ruben. You're a fine writer. Horses run for you. You've got a great future but keep in in mind. When you're out there. The more you can possibly stay straight the last you'RE GONNA be in here seeing the stewards and the more success you really GonNa have have because it doesn't help your business if you're constantly in the steward's office in the morning and sometimes you're going to be you know skate through with a Q. Just because in the opinion of the sewer that didn't affect the order finish or didn't deny a horse the opportunity we get for a better finish but you'll be just lucky on in that regard but the more you can stay straight the less headaches. You're GONNA have the less headaches sir. I've told many many writers this for many many years so this is the thing about being Rosso the minute. He is not staying in his lane. He's putting himself in some jeopardy of possibly being be cute and so to me my vote would have been for a the Q. and I that was my decision before the stewards rendered their decision and I have to admit I was a little surprised when they voted for the D. acute just because of the recent history of how they've been judging this type of situation New York now Steve. It seems to me that there has been a change in the personnel recently in this year in Stewart's Dan. you know we have that that. WHO has gone into the stand and I barley obey a isn't he knew I mean he's. He's been there forever now. He's been there for for even one. One person change can change the dynamics to to how stewards it's rule and this is why to me you know people constantly or talking. All we want consistency. We want consistency and then I've heard some people in racing. Even some commissioners or board members say you know what if you keep the same stewards in the stand all the time they get stale. We should mix them up. Well mixing up. Stewart's to me is not conducive to consistency so one thing but you hope for is that you keep kind of a panel of seward's on a consistent. It's the basis and hope that those words will be consistent now the way they ruled this race. Steve the whole would be as you've are ticketed aided that they now continue to judge Rayson similar to this one when they get a similar situation in other words. If we get another one of these he's hurting deals. One would hope that the number would come down again but again. It's got to be a close. The merging here was you know only Canosa and that's a big element in this decision. often been two lanes or something. I doubt whether taking the Russell now but one that's a nose else and that was enough of an incident throughout really the entire stretch when you think about it I mean from where they started at the top of the stretch stretched the finish so I agree with the Bq and I I'm with you sleep and with Andy I think it is in the best interest of racing racing to judge races in terms of of when you get these horses directing like that and to to take those numbers down more often than not yeah if they're GONNA do it. They're going to do it consistently and and also beyond the consistency of of the decisions when they when it gets it to their ants. I don't understand understand why they've gotten away and Richmond. Yori has discussed this too because big for a while had been had been drafted to work with the young riders but I do not know why the film patrol concept y. Y that has has been kind of. I don't know if it's been abandoned per se but the you know the opportunity to sit with riders and say to them. You guys have got to stop this us and we're going to start calling it on a regular basis so you might as well hold your lane now and because you can do it we understand the heat of the battle and going a little bit too much with one hand or another. You know it can drive a horse in the direction. I mean frankly I to me. It seemed as if Iraq in the left hand. If you just got back to writing he might have been fine. He he went he after the first contact he we're back left handed at least one more time maybe twice and I think that that was probably what flag the stewards to say. This was more than just a casual bump. He carried him to two and a half pads and I. I'm a little surprised that the people who are continuing to say it it would never do that. Via Rosso never should have come down that that's that's a little hyper hyperbole basically as to to to what transpired there but if they're going to do it regularly. I think it'd be great for everybody

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