Skadegamutc: The Ghost-Witch


Talking about the Scott. I saw it when I was is looking research. I was like good luck pronounce because I have no idea but I think I've heard that before didn't like from that Queen Song going to move at this is like close so for for thousands of years for the setup for these creatures cultures all around the world told stories of the dead returning to life like zombies. He's instead but although this phenomenon is largely confined to Europe and Asia which I guess I don't know is it. It's not unheard of in the Americas wants such creature sure is known widely among various indigenous tribes of North America but it is particularly feared by the WABAN. Nakae they call it. The it's gotTa move or the Ghost witch. That sounds scary pictures. I need to post the pictures of the ghost. which or the representation of quota? Yeah Yeah Yeah the representation of Oh. It's super creepy. undead monster with both got anthro. Enter your the Vegas Vampire tendencies. It is believed among the woman. Knock that this creature was once an evil sorcerer or practitioner of black magic who has died and refuses to stay dead however according to some tales anyone may become scheduled Mooch after they die this revenue hungers for the blood and the flesh of living humans and will kill and devour anyone who gets in. Its way there's no way to escape the creature short of destroying it had to look up put on through what is Cannibal Cannibal. Oh okay that's actually super interesting okay. I'm GonNa talk about that here in a little bit during during the day. Scuttled appears as an inert harmless human core during the night it reanimate wanders off in search of human prey to accomplish this it can take the form of a ball of light which enables it to cover greater distances. So that's why it's so they would actually see Phoenix lights or the light give you the chill. I would see that as much coming for them. And their different ways in which the Scud attacks one is to become indebted at Afresh Open Air burial. Once all the mourners have completed the funeral ritual in arresting the Scud attacks many legends speak of a group of Hunters Warriors Warriors. Taking refuge for the night somewhere near a recent open air burial or within a short distance from a corpse at nightfall at revives itself and this I think is creepy. That that if it revives itself you could actually be there with the burial and see the body there and it would come to live and then it would attack you and yeah yeah fuck that could you imagine sitting there and it just your nope the fuck out of there and then it comes after you and actually says though that people are just sitting there watching watching it waiting for it comes up all of life. It's like it gets you. Oh yeah and it prefers to target individuals who are alone or have been separated from group group. It is unknown if larger why they say always traveled chairs exactly traveling groups because it likes to pick you off one after another once. It's found its victim at attacks slaughtered the prey and then feast on. It's warm flesh and

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