The Astros Fire Their Assistant Manager After He Taunted Female Reporters


The first thing they we all expected from Houston Astros yesterday we we expected to hear from the Houston Astros yesterday regarding Brandon top man the assistant GM I remember his comments in the in the dugout star in the locker room after the ALCS when as he can reportedly kept screaming we're so glad we have soon repeatedly in reference to the the the star in reference to the picture that service seventy five game suspension last year for domestic violence all of that context is important here because he he directed his comments towards three female reporters that were there one of which was wearing domestic violence support bracelet and as you continue to think about what that means what it means moving forward the Astros initially reacted to the statement by calling out the reporter calling out Sports Illustrated and even in it is flat out saying did they were fabricating a story and making something out of nothing that's where it started now I think true window smartly said as we initially reacted to it Hey if this is the thing one thing we can expect is that we will get more eye witness accounts there were a lot of people in the room let's see what other people in the room set well other people in the room immediately came out and feverishly defended the reporter and the Sports Illustrated story that led us to what happened yesterday and look sometimes in the world all you want is an apology that sincere and what you want or for people to come out and explain what happened why it happened and say they're sorry for it without any sort of mitigating factors without any sort of walk back but with actual transparency there was an opportunity for the Astros to do that yesterday they did not this is what Jeff flew now said the Astor GM this is his initial apology announcement yesterday that they fired assistant GM branded top we have separate with brandy top any longer an employee of the Astros his behavior was inappropriate and not representative of who the Astros are in our culture and what we stand for that original reaction by the Astros was wrong and we own it as an organization there were many people involved in reviewing that approving that and I'm not going to get into the details of that it was wrong it was the Astros decision and that's from Italy that so many layers on that to decide by the way that you're not going to get into that but we'll get there in the second part of what he said is our initial believe was based on witness statements about the incident who who did they talk to who lied to the Astros if they're going to say that they were lied to and they're going to blame that on part of why they made the statement initially that they made then some mind it like we have the the opportunity in this moment the right I would say to ask them to tell us who lied and what's being done to the people that live the other part of what he said there is it I'm not going to get into it it was in Astor's decision regarding the statement that was made that means it he's saying several people within the Astros organization had the opportunity to not make the comments in response they had the opportunity to not though the reporter on the bus they had the opportunity to not try to ruin somebody's career and the on the opportunity to not protect somebody they didn't deserve protecting but they chose not to do that and he tells you flat out that several people within the organization approved that decision without telling you who that led to a heated back and forth in the room about who should be accountable this is important check it out you smeared and potentially damaged a person's career shouldn't there be a price paid for the people who decided that that was the idea in the way that Brandon tell me just how to pay with his career I don't know the answer that to be honest with you you run the organ is it you want baseball operations as you now right and I help him crane hasn't come today Jeff I I understand that and and we're we're taking responsibility and accountability for that and apologizing for it at this point that's that's all I can tell you I don't have anything else to give you marry on that I I mean are you taking accountability for it doesn't sound like it it sounds like what you're saying is Hey a bunch of people decided that the initial statement was okay and that's not on me and that's not really my decision I'm just the mouth piece standing up here in front of everybody to talk about it and in the meantime we're sorry that we said anything but we were misinformed me that's what his apology basically is he came in and said Hey we were lied to I'm not gonna tell you by who and so we fired the person that did it and we realize that you know we decided to make a statement that was perceived poorly worst apology ever

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