Harold Bloom: The Shadow of a Great Rock: A Literary Appreciation of the King James Bible



You know recently Harold Bloom died he was the figure of extrordinary controversy Oko Zinder other circumstances is he would have been just another professor but he was the professor who was defending the Western canon as he quoted which meant that he was talking about Shakespeare and Milton and of course his great of Shelley he studied how these writers in the Canon influenced each other he wrote a book called the Gang Society of influence he really became the writer of our time talking out that tradition now let's acknowledge that tradition is rarely taught in the university the way it was in the generation of Herald I had the pleasure and I would say the honor of talking to her world boom at his own apartment in New York I will say that I disagreed with him about many things things when we aired these interviews people wrote in Yes harold bloom was an elitist yes he was but we should have one of everything and there are leaders and there are populous and there are ever very kind of response that you can have two good richer this is harold boom from our conversation on bookworm unlike his book the Anatomy of influence literature is a way of life which seems a settled and masterful book the shadow of a great rock is audacious and I would like to say even dangerous which tells us that a great mind doesn't settle into somnolence or eternity it's always at work work and always making trouble this is the nature of the mind Harold Bloom my wife would appreciate how do you how do you feel you've spoken of the many controversies you've causes mentioned some of them in this book it's never going to see aw both well hated and well loved and particularly with I have to say about the New Testament here has already started Israel fury I've got nasty email nasty letters and even a couple of nasty anonymous phone calls you say that the ten handle translation of the old the New Testament is the breakthrough in Boston since they burned I mean he's both a great model a great writer and the Grand Bigot with that it's not full they were all bigots of goals they would all I'm very glad to see you and myself crucified angry anti-semites but it went with the territory as it were Tindale was martyred burned alive before he could finish his translation of what he called the Old Testament as you will notice throughout this look the shadow of a great rock I insist upon referring to it as the original testament Tomahawk the Hebrew Bible and what is called the New Testament by its proper name the belated testament which is also beginning to get into the usual difficulties but that's fun Tindale was burned alive before he could translate the prophets and most of the great writings and that's how a loss because tremendous writer in every way you compare to Shakespeare and Milton I would say that the greatest writer certain in English paps in any language I'm able to read is of course we shakespeare indeed have now reached a point where I've totally infuriated but I like doing that of course with them the horrible shakespeare establishment these dryers dust moldy fix calls by simply saying there is no God but God his name is William Shakes sure of course after Shakespeare you have to put chaucer stunning extraordinary writer without really Shakespeare did not have been possible then tindale and Milton I would say of almost equal imminence the English novel sales of Daniel Defoe and John Bunyan at its very beginning wouldn't have been possible without Tindale he was not a lyrical writer but a very great narrative genius I of course New Testament which was complete is the entire basis if the King James New Testament and is major writing is largely preserved in the Geneva Bible and subsequently in the King James Bible and various scholars who have said that it would be very difficult to think of the style of certain moments in King Lear without the Tim Daly an element in the Geneva Bible our I think basically justified you say that the two greatest works in the English language are composed really within a decade need

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