Could the 'fountain of youth' molecule reverse your ageing


Our guest today says that there is a youth molecule in the human body and he says this molecule of youth happens to be concentrated in our skin hair eyes in joints he says this of substance not only dramatically influences our parents the words how younger how healthy we look but more importantly our physical strength our flexibility and mobility this is our ability to do things let things get around be physical today we're gonna learn more about this once mysterious substance how new breakthroughs are allowing us to get it back and keep it as we get older all right bill Sardis here bill is an author he's traveled around the world in search of information about hyaluronic acid or H. AG is it's sometimes referred to back from his recent trip to a small village in Japan where people maintain high levels of HA and are famous for their ability to defy the aging process bill welcome to the program great to be with you have Pat and all your statements to introduce the show today are certainly not overstatement after years of people using oral hyaluronic acid supplements well of course we're going to give your audience a report today an update and an improvement how things are going as thousands of people have discovered how the support in particular their joints but also their skin and their eyes and of course their hair and so on these are the areas where the body actually is highly concentrated in HA but I want to tell all your listeners to please stay tuned because there's going to be a an offer today from purity products no strings attached this is the offer from a reputable company that's been in business for years yes for five dollars there's no strings attached you get to try a bottle of this wonderful new product and make your life's. all make your supplement regimen simple and save a little money along the way now you see there's a youth molecule in the human body that it holds the key the visible signs of aging now you've written about this you've traveled to Japan to do the research so so tell me about what is what exactly is this molecule you're talking about had it's amazing that most people don't know this word hyaluronic acid and of course it's made its all over our body it's in our skin it's an all natural molecules we can get it orally replace it in our body but more so we've learned that the little bit that we can get as a dietary supplement can trigger your body can make more and of course why do we need more well when we're young we're loaded with this stuff when we're babies we have what we call baby fat it's really baby eight a it it makes well it babies fall down and get cuts and scrapes you notice they never really get any life long scars from that because they have lots of H. A. onboard Hylarana gas that in to make this easy to understand for the audience I think we can all appreciate that women have smooth their skin and thicker hair and so on all of that is because estrogen sends a signal to make more HA and that's why the girls have more limber flexible joints they can get in a kind of a lotus posture kind of that men can't get into that they certainly have all of those advantages and it's because the estrogen sends a signal to make more HA now women have more HA to lose than men do and you see the skin traveling up the joint console on as women age but there's a way to get it back and of course purity products for years now has been talking about HA and they have a new formula just for the joint H. H. joint formula and it's so important today because I think everyone's confused an article in the. New York times says consumers a confused what to do to support their joints to people are looking for alternatives we need cushioning in between the joints the bones in our joint what a doctor looks at an X. ray all he's doing is measuring the space between the two bones there in the knees so it's about a quarter of an inch space without that cushioning you've got bone rubbing on bone that's what H. A. yes it's the Jello or the cushioning agent in between our bones we lose it either due to wear and tear or age and so we start getting problems the more that we find pain relief the more pain relievers we use the more we're going to use these joy and then we're gonna wear out more bone and they've noticed this people who chronically use pain relievers are gonna have more bone where so what you need is the actual cushioning back there to lubricate the joint and that's what HA does that's what HA is the doctors call it synovial fluid they actually inject this into joints orthopedist do dermatologist injected into the skin eye doctors use it as a lubricant during eye surgery so it's nothing foreign to modern medicine but it may be new to you as a listener there and you have never heard about HA before well you need to learn about it it's a wonderful molecule with all natural and you can get it as a dietary supplement purity products was the first to introduce it now it's a great big long molecule path that six million daltons in molecular weight think of six million paper clips put together it's big you can't absorb it and he found a way to knock it down so that it's only about fifteen hundred to three thousand that means that you can absorb this orally we actually prove that in studies conducted at the laboratory right there in Florida and we're gonna tell you more about that but we proved that is poorly absorbed most doctors are told that or. HA cannot be absorbed that's true if it's the regular HA it's gotta be knocked down in molecular weight and more important it needs some other antioxidants that be added with that we're going to talk about one here in just a moment but. product is introducing this all new joint formula for people that are searching for alternative or their joint health and of course this isn't a drug at the dietary supplement meant to of course support healthy joints help as as we think of it just to him we're talking with bill Sarti about Hylarana answered or eighteen a bill you said that recently that the H. a revolution is underway more and more people are using it tell us why AJ is such a breakthrough in what exactly can you do for people I think the brick and mortar and allergy is probably the best for everybody to understand it there are bricks in our body the cell there's mortar in between and the mortar is the collagen now within the college and not the collagen itself vitamin C. makes college but within that collagen there's a moisturizing agent that looks like gel on everyone knows you put some Jello in the refrigerator in the water separates out after a time and that's what's happening in our body we're losing the water holding molecule HA the body is seventy two percent water and if we lose this the connective tissue that connects all of our cell that that connects all of everything that we have begins to lose its water it separates out and then we begin to lose that the substance the scaffolding build the support structure that hold our body together and of course we being given the rankl we shrivel up we lose an engine are high we we see that the brain a shriveled up in the high and so on all of these things occur with age and you know possibly Leon was looking for a used to molecule and he wanted to find it in of course the fountain of youth the water he was looking for a water fountain the body needs water but it has to hold it and of course I want everyone to think of having something like a Jello type of a water balloon filled with Jello or one filled with water which one do you want you want to one filled with Jello because it's still firm but soft and cushioning and that's the way our bodies are when we're young babies or even a pregnant woman is loaded with this which is an example of the how the HA is made more so at certain times of our life but as age goes on we're going to lose it we're going to see the wrinkles thinning hair we're going to see our joints lose their flexibility we're just telling people that after thousands of people try this if you're taking low cost a million supplement it took thirteen years for doctors to adopt Lucassen mean sulfate at the regular dietary supplement now drugstores health food stores people ask me well why haven't my doctor told me about Hylarana Catholic well it took thirteen years for will cost me it'll be on the front page of time magazine it's just gonna take time and it'll get there because patients are gonna take this to the doctors and pointed out as they did glue consummate the revolution starts with patients in people that have issues and want to have healthy joints skin and hair and eyes and want to see some of these useful level the HA restored in their body do you for a great deal about the role of hyaluronic acid in the body's connective tissues how does each a work in the joints and connective tissue it's a natural cushioning age and Pat we're talking to about between the bones it also surrounds the nurses sciatic nerve there's an older nerve there's the carpal tunnel nerve all of these are going to need the special cushioning that HA can give them there are people tell us this stuff works here's Ernie writing to me who's actually peaches and plays golf in Dover Delaware he found this purity joint formula and we're telling you it work miracles for him why because purity is not only taken the HA. but they've taken a brand new substance called Hydroxycut taken from all is that Pat you notice you can put a bowl of olives on your table and a year later come back and except for a little bit of shrinkage due to just the loss of moisture they're very stable they're still there they didn't shrivel up and waste away to the fungal contamination so there's something very strong and all as we've known it for a long time doctor Roberto crea and Italian researchers now here in this country doing some research on hydroxy Tyrus all extracted from olives and found out that it does some of the same things that the molecules do that trigger like estrogen does the production of HA so we began to think why don't we combine this wonderful strong antioxidant from all is in the eighties new HA joint formula you know we're getting results like we've never seen before this is why build writes to us this year thing I'm taking HA for my knees it's done wonders for my joy so we get these letters from people there unsolicited you see this is the kind of thing we hear and of course they're astounded with that they just can't believe it here someone writing to me this is doctor cal least thing he looks like a man that's thirty years younger and he says people can't he believe his level of fitness and youthful appearance and he says I tried to tell him it's just the H. a formula in the course he sent us pictures on the internet how did he looks for his age and you're going to look a little younger because when you were young you had a lot of this now this stuff works fairly quick much faster than Blue Cross to me and it's all safe all natural it's purities H. eight joint

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