Amazon Announced New Alexa Enabled Gadgets At It’s Annual Hardware Event

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From ear buds to Ovens Amazon announced a bunch of new Alexa enabled gadgets at its its annual hardware event so here are a few of the highlights. Let's start with the headphones. CNBC says there called Echo Buds and pretty similar to apple's air pods there wireless and the Voice Assistant Alexa is built into them. You can talk to Alexa without pulling out your phone or smart speaker. The ear buds cost about one hundred thirty dollars. Amazon also announced a new wireless technology Angie called Sidewalk Tech Crunch says it uses wireless signals to let users control their home devices up to a mile away. The first product that uses sidewalk is trackable dog tag and then there's the smart oven which looks sort of like a microwave it can bake an air fry food and users can use the Alexa app to tell the oven when to start cooking also Amazon made Alexa friendly glasses a smart lamp for kids and a small

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