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Well it seems every season there is always a player who's not quite a household name but this player find a little magic on the field in one of those is that a smart profile was Scott more this is Martin profile brought to you by dean trail ways the dean of transportation growing up in traverse city Matt Seiber tried just about everything when it came to sports by hockey basketball baseball try doing soccer didn't like that but I really enjoyed hockey a lot I wish I could plant I was enforcer you know I probably average about three goals a season so he says he loves baseball but was built for football he was hoping for an offer from MSU but an untimely injury side tracked those plants known in my senior season I have broken my foot so my family not decide to commit to buffalo because we had realized that for the recurring processes were probably done because no more have no phone for my senior who was ever was still looking at me and even though he loved his teammates coaches in the school his mind was somewhere else I always had bigger gene supply in front of a bigger stage and and you know and ate at me so that's when I made my decision to take a risk income Michigan state which was the dream all along after sitting out is transfer year he started playing sparingly in twenty seventeen then decided to switch from offense to defense I have an aggressive nature on the field that we have fought complimented me on a different side of the ball which I totally agreed with me I've talked about of my coaches so we tried it out you know I never saw the field during game time but I think it really helped me put my knowledge of the game so this year he moved back to tight end and finally at northwestern he caught his first touchdown pass there was definitely one of the best feelings ever had in my life not gonna lie and then you get another one right now I wasn't wasn't expecting to get to not gonna lie ideals instructing him man has a bachelor's in communications and is working on another in advertising but he says he may be coming soon to a TV near you I have a few connections out in Los Angeles who are working with the sun that fictional call all Americans and they like to use you know former college athletes who are authentic in the games for the shows or looking looks like realistic and I'm thinking about going over there and take born in trying it out and see where it takes you know sounds fun and you never know if it's gonna make it big there you know that's number eighty senior tight end Matt Seiber today Spartan profile brought to you by dean trail way thank you very much a farm bureau insurance is a.

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