Where the fake Trump media massacre video came from, and other things to know about it


All right so for those of you that might not be totally into this story or understanding where it's come from this was totally trending on twitter all day a and it just so happens that I spoke at the conference where this is the center of controversy so there was a horrific museum video where you're donald trump massacres fake news media now essentially there's these videos that go around and there's this community of people that love the president so much they'll take popular videos superimpose the face of Donald trump onto somebody kickboxing or somebody with a lightsaber fighting people they disagree with so I guess the most this one was the CNN which with precise which was the body slam when the wwe one because the president shared that one and so this particular video was from the movies kingsman which is about the British Secret Service or something starring Colin Firth actually doesn't fourteen. I've never enjoyed those movies I it's called the dark comedy only for some people only some people very cheesy I never liked that movie right somehow killing people's funny but no there is a whole genre it appeals to a certain the demographics never liked the not Nora Nora I've tried to watch it a couple times is just not really my my genre so anyway this memoir so those that don't seem to have to define what a menas because we do have some people okay so mean is what is the best way to find a mean kind of like when you know it Ben Johnson Adam Benny Johnson chief creative officer turning point USA so look amine is a picture or a video that satirizes or explains an issue in a short sound bite that usually his comedy or uses wit I guess that's a good way to put it that it turns it on its head flips it sure Iran nick insightful. Almost here's the best way I can describe it it's the Internet's equivalent of political cartoons that a good way to put it share okay a modern digital essentially this scene in kingsman which I don't understand how this scene was really funnier incite fuller enjoyable the watch but allegedly there was a scene where somebody walks into a church and kills a bunch of people that was the scene Church massacre and they superimposed Donald Trump's face to be the guy that's killing everyone and then he's killing the fake news media CNN MSNBC as well as Democrats like Barack Obama Nancy Pelosi unless we totally denounces videos unequivocally and totally I don't think it's funny to show violence against other people I think it's it's not my not my taste I don't think it's funny people I find that Kinda dark humor interesting I'm not one of those people however he let's just get through some facts they say this was shown at the president's Miami resort so all of the media covering this is insinuating as if the president approved this or this was at his resort he didn't at all okay so I was at this event it was a unique event it was one with a lot of energy and a lot of people that were really excited to be there and Donald Trump junior Sarah Sanders governor on descent data's thankful to be invited you know so this video is shown in a side room in a breakout room against a wall in a very kind of make shift CAPAC- acidy and Don Jr. Ron to Santa Sarah Sanders myself and Corey Lewandowski knew nothing of it we didn't know about this until the news actually broke and now we're being lumped into this I might have spent forty minutes at this event basically the entire time I was at the event was when I was speaking in and out and Laura Ingraham that night and then I flew to Detroit super early the next morning I didn't hang around it was not but they're acting as if we were behind this entire thing the headlines are all all sort of inferring it's like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Donald trump junior charlie kirk and this

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