Fantasy, Meet Reality: A Running Back Breaks Out, Then Disappears

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Liz Merrill is a senior writer for ESPN. So we're doing a package on one one hit wonders. And he editors thought who'd be better to sort of headline this but Jonas Gray story it's been about five five years. Since his breakout game. It was November sixteenth. Two thousand fourteen. What happened on that day? New England would've gone through one of those September's which everyone in Britain them off. You know they've lost that Miami in the opening game and then they went to Kansas City and just got clobbered and then to patriots form. They rattled off five wins. And they're back to their dominating cells. Broody leads US Patriots into town to the Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night. Football how Michael Smith game was a Sunday night football game and it was a highly anticipated anticipated game because it was a rematch of that year's divisional round game tonight. It's Andrew Lock Against Tom. Brady get your calculators out. There should be really default to rescue teams. Both come off by weeks. There's a cave named Jewish graves is making star back to the ground. This this is Jonas Gray Gray to the thirty yard line. You know. It's amazing what nobody knew was except for people in very inner struggles of New England And he actually had a really impressive training camp and Bella check had told him. You know you're so close to making the roster oster but they didn't activate them until mid October when Steven Ridley towards ACL this guy he wasn't uh-huh regular starter at Notre Dame. He was on the practice squad until three weeks ago. So his mom and his brother drove about three hundred miles from mm-hmm where they lived outside of Detroit. The Game Jonas at the time was living in a one bedroom apartment and this modest area outside of Boston Austin on the very bare bones and the only tickets. He could really sport. His family. Were in the nosebleed seats. They're ZEHR watching the game. There's all this anticipation there's nerve block white with Michelle. Give the gray runs. Between Guard and center white. He pushes to the end zone. Owed go to spray has a touchdown patriots. He's scores his first touchdown and his mom is like okay. I'll clap. I'm I'm pretty exciting. This is so awesome. So she's Kinda cool about it in cash and then you know he's course again and then we. He scores his third touchdown. I get the great lowers the coders running. It was more a touchdown his she drops to a knee in like complete. You know amazement and just so older well that you know for kids. It's finally getting a chance. And then Jonas Gray Mix Histories Iowa thing for two hundred one yards and four touchdowns give give the pig right. He runs a lot he for the Patriots. Schoolyard can't stop. Stop it so Jonas Gray erupts. He has this once in a lifetime. Performance how does he react. After the game he'd reaction was pretty wide. I I mean I think that's one of the things that made the story so endearing it because he was just like holy cow. Here's Glock like celebrating Alabama with me. Here's Tom Brady headbutting. Me All the stuff that you see in the movies really you know the thing you know. act like he's been there I mean and he did act like you've been there but inside he was completely awash. You know in all of the surprise and the joy and there was sort of that moment where from Michelle Foia talks to him. They had the traditional interview with the Star of the game. Let's turn to John Ray. Yeah Guy who didn't hear his name before you're going to be hearing it a lot. We heard it many times tonight and he's doing nervous. I mean there's a guy who graduated with a degree in English and he did stand up comedy already in college. So you know. She knew his way around the microphone but she didn't know what he's GonNa say touchdowns the first four of your NFL career on at this stage had explain this performance. I'm just blessed. Blessed beyond belief we put together a great game plan. They hammered in all week. She watched this for so long. Keep Watch Tom Brady. And GRONK and company and Julia Nettleton on TV. It was just one of those things where you just couldn't believe all this is happening. Someone one of those guys men are probably go home tonight and get back. I'll probably just lay in bed. Look up in the ceiling. Just just astonished man. What's going on? Aw Right in a great story man. God's helping

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