Prince Andrew Summoned To Buckingham Palace by Prince Charles


So apparently prince Charles has some in prince Andrew to Buckingham Palace and told him he's going to have to spill the beans because his accuser is appearing on national TV I believe tomorrow night here in America and making accusations about how he took advantage of her when she was under the spell of Jeffrey obscene that right a file on a pedestal his his procura Maxwell and how he was having sex with this under aged woman yeah this is Virginia Roberts Jeffrey she will be featured she's the main person is featured in this BBC special which will air tonight in the U. K. but prince Charles he was effectively taking over there the rains I guess you could say for Queen Elizabeth not officially but he's definitely starting to do a lot more he has been very active he's kind of taking on that leadership role and he's apparently furious with his brother he wants his brother to sit down with him and tell him exactly what happened exactly if there's any more information coming out what else they can expect we say is going to say look punch sure look at me I found the grandmother basically cheat on my wife with and talked about a tampon in a certain place of her anatomy but using a lot different this is based yeah this is a whole different thing the thing is I think I think they've you know they've got an election coming up they've got I think what they need to do is just keep him keep Andrew solo keep him out of the spotlight let him not beat let not do anything on and I I think prince Charles is getting advice from his dad prince Philip as to how to deal but apparently prince Philip is furious with Andrew and with that little orange which for he who was the Duchess of course he was married to prince Andrew she is just a trouble

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