UK's Johnson prepares push to heave Brexit bill over line


Because the big story here in the U. K. is still brexit Boris Johnson facing key votes in the council house of Commons today to see if he's brexit deal can actually make it into a little and if there's any chance of that happening before October thirty first but Westminster Sebastian solid reports what the prime minister is dealing with is the proof facts that he's trying to get a complicated and controversial piece of legislation through parliament in which he doesn't have a majority the first test will be a vote to see if parliament backs the principles of the withdrawal agreement bell then when MPs also supports a breakneck timetable to get it passed into law by October thirty first many I'm good at being rushed through according to Johnson self imposed deadline the consideration of a little that would determine the U. K.'s future and many have amendments or even plans to wreck the bill all together in under house arrest in sonic bring back daybreak Europe I will be talking all about the schools on Bloomberg Westminster we recently Jim Fitzpatrick the labor MP that's at noon today but let's now go cross over to Singapore where David Finnessey for the markets life team joins us today very good morning to you so Boris sees hurdles to getting is rex it deal through parliament will be I guess the first one the second reading votes as it's cold or sprays also we could look at the committee stage if he gets further yeah I think the biggest of the soul one hurdle is that really puts I think that was second reading about I think you get to he says he's got the numbers as soon I guess who that he definitely may not get to the pro the motion five that could be deadly challenge but then it just kick the can down the road a bit more I think than his stones the biggest hurdle the mole please get to the committee stage without any amendments particular customs union referendum a customs union being but more likely be added because it is added then the question is is he just check the bed and sighed this goes straight to election so something might be possible it may not be to his liking so windy the finish line but was certainly not there yet it seems that was some the further away

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