White House 'will not co-operate with impeachment inquiry'


Big news today is that the White House has taken its fight with Congress to the next level initially sending word that it will not participate in any aspect of the impeachment prob- yeah which is crazy like trump card just declined to participate like this is not the Vietnam War and this new tactic this new tactic through everything for a loop because you see today was meant to be the big day when Congress would testimony from Gordon Sunland Ambassador to the U. and Jeff stunt double but just before the C. Span cameras started rolling the White House pulled the doc we're following breaking news this morning it's moving quickly the White House blocking e you embassador Gordon Sunland from testifying to Congress just minutes before he was supposed to appear on Capitol Hill who sets five behind closed doors as part of an ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Trump specifically about his interactions with Ukraine Democratic House intelligence chairman calling the move to keep Sunlen from speaking to lawmakers quote strong evidence of obstruction wow donald trump's white house blocked an ambassador from testifying to Congress what a completely innocent thing to do trump was probably just scared that that ambassador would exonerate him too much now I gotta maintain my bad boy image run these streets so at the president's behest sunland pulled out of this impeachment hearing which is a big deal because although many people haven't heard of Gordon Sandon it appears that everything trump wants it from Ukraine went through him there's almost no one who was more involved in pushing the president's priorities in Ukraine then Gordon Sunland even before president trump spoke to the president of Ukraine in Sunland the US ambassador to the EU had been pushing the Ukrainians to commit to investigations Mr Trump wanted the ambassador to the EU. Gordon Zahn land worked behind the scenes to help carry out trump's wishes in Ukraine a country that isn't even in the EU okay that's your first red flag right there trump's ambassador to the E U was getting involved with the country that isn't in the EU that's not his jurisdiction that would be like Santa doing truth varies job that's not cool yeah because then it's just a creepy old man standing over your kids bed yeah it'd be like what are you doing we'll hold nothing word I'm just I'm just in your kids to eat okay now that I say loud sounds weird the tooth fairy as God data got killed me and the reason congress is so intense on having sonnen testify isn't just because he was at the center of Ukraine's scandal right it's also because he has text messages that show what was going on behind the scenes text messages given to Congress show Sunday at another diplomat discussing a possible link between investigations and aid to Ukraine on September nine bill alert the top US diplomat to Ukraine texts I think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign sunland response I believe you were in correct about President trump's intentions the president has been crystal clear no quid pro quos of any kind adding I suggest we stopped the back and forth by text Taylor text Gordon Sunland are we now saying that security assistance and White House meeting are conditioned on investigations someone response call me I don't know if these guys are guilty or not but you have to admit those texts look suspicious because the only time when you say stop texting let's talk on the phone is when something shady is going down it's twenty one thousand nine hundred no one talks on the phone the only reason to talk on the phone at all is to wish mother happy birthday or to commit crimes or to commit crimes with your grandmother on her birthday just like all right and then you tell me who wins at Bingo and I'll take the rest at the same time I don't blame for wanting to shut down those texts because you see what's happening there the guy he's texting is being so explicit about everything is like I don't think it's a good idea to commit this crime it's like Yo yo Yo yo you know who he reminds me of reminds me of that one guy on every bachelor party group chat who has no chill runoffs is playing it cool and he's like I am excited to cocaine tomorrow guys see you at the cocaine and hookers delete delete delete now in response to the stonewalling the Democrats have issued a subpoena to embassador sunland but may take months or longer to wind its way through the courts in the mean time Congress is also hoping to hear testimony from the whistle blowers and remember there are now two whistleblowers aren't there's the first whistle blower who has secondhand information and secondhand and the second whistle blower who has firsthand information and then of course you've got the confessions from trump which I guess is small hand information I don't know how this works normally normally getting testimony from a whistle blower might not be such a big deal but this time they're talking about taking extra precautions to conceal this person's identity and it could be because the whistle blowers are shy maybe it's because the president has implied they should be executed I don't know either way Democrats are looking at some novel ways to ensure whistle lowest safety the House intelligence committee is taking extreme measures to protect the whistleblower from a president itching to learn his identity this country has to find out who that I was because that person's a spy in my opinion there are growing concerns about the whistle blowers safety it's still unclear when the whistle blower might talk to lawmakers but he is considering using an offsite location limiting staff and members who could be present possible steps include a remote location for testimony and perhaps masking the person's face or voice wow musk's and fake voices just to make sure that trump doesn't know who this person is seems a bit extreme I mean all they really need to do is disguise the whistle blow as trump's daughter tiffany and he'd be like who is this person I've never seen her before in my life I understand why Congress is being so careful here I mean this is serious

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