James Paxton, Aaron Hicks answer call in Yankees' season-saving win


And last night's game five between the Yankees and Astros was much more entertaining than Thursday night's eight to three Astros win a wonderfully pitch game between Justin Verlander and James Paxton ended with the Yankees on top four to one thanks to Homer's from DJ lemay you an Allen hex they're going back to Houston for game six tonight Yankee still down in the series three games to two Astros outfielder Michael Brantley new would be a challenge all along this is based out of it is going to have bad days for a lot of runs about as well no secret to no sense of zero zero I respect the Yankees in windows and it's all going to them Paxton and Berlin each fan nine either starters surrender to run after the first and when I watch football pens get emptied tonight have announced an open yet for either team by the way if the Yankees do win and force a game seven it would be a we Severino and Gerrit Cole on Sunday night our judges just trying to stay in the moment one game officers on you know we can be looking to you know the next couple games your focus on what we got tomorrow in your face in a moral and take care of business there first and then we can go on the World Series begins Tuesday with the American like what are hosting the nationals for the first

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